The Health Benefits of Owning a Home Bowling Alley

Although bowling is a game enjoyed by many as a fun pastime, few realize it also has multiple benefits for the brain and body. As there are no age limits to bowling, it is a great way to bond for the entire family and do something beneficial for everyone. It’s no wonder that people with space to spare are frequently searching for home bowling alley cost online as they consider adding a home bowling alley.

Exercise for the Entire Body

Just half an hour of straight bowling can help to improve blood circulation and boost the heart rate similar to that of doing cardio exercises. Short sessions of bowling can help to burn calories as well. Bowling lane dimensions are 60 feet, so a three-game series can get players walking more than half a mile!

Weight control

A brisk game of bowling can help to control weight as it can help to improve and engage the metabolism. The continuous movement of the entire body during the lift and throw movements of the ball can burn around 170-300 calories depending on the speed in which the players play. According to, an adult weighing 200 pounds can burn nearly 275 calories an hour while bowling.

Improves Muscle Strength

A regular ball in bowling games weighs around 13 or 14 pounds, and when players repeatedly swing and throw the ball, the movement helps to tone arms, legs, shoulders, and chest muscles. Holding the ball in a solid grip and throwing it strongly down the lane also strengthens muscles in the hands. Even the simple movement of arm swinging to throw the ball provides exercise to tendons, muscles, and joints in the arm.

Strengthens Hand-Eye Coordination

Aiming a ball to strike a line of pins located 60 feet away requires strong hand-eye coordination. Getting the children involved can help to improve their concentration and coordination. This can be beneficial to their studies and their capability in other sports. Keeping strong hand-eye coordination is also a benefit enjoyed by older bowlers as well.

Stress Reliever

Regular bowling can lower the risk of stroke, heart attack, and even diabetes as it takes the mind off daily stress and induces relaxation. Enjoying a game of bowling with friends and family is a great way to start a weekday evening or unwinding during weekends.

Enhances Social Connections

Friends and family members love to meet up and play casual bowling games with Brunswick bowling alleys during the weekend. These social gatherings can help to improve connections because bowling is a great team sport. Winning at local bowling tournaments also acts as a confidence booster especially if it was a tough challenge.

Everyone Can Enjoy

Bowling is a sport that can be enjoyed at any age. Since it has limited chances of injury, it is a popular activity for senior citizens. People with disabilities can also enjoy bowling as an interesting activity to get some exercise and socialize since most bowling alleys today are disability-friendly.

Besides being a fun activity to spark a little competitive spirit and get people together, bowling can have a wide range of benefits for people of all ages. Bowling can improve mental, physical and social health while enjoying a game or two.   

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