Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2020

    hardwood flooring trends

    Hardwood flooring continues to grow in popularity. The imperfection of wood adds perfection to the d?cor of any place. The stylish, comfortable, timeless and natural flooring has always been in trend. Although different people have different taste, it is more important to choose what you like rather than running towards what?s trending. 

    Hardwood flooring is the trendiest and most loved by everybody and engineered wood flooring is gaining the momentum in terms of popularity. 

    Let us know what?s trending:

    1.Reclaimed Wide Plank Wood Floors

    The reclaimed wood floor is also called as antique wood flooring. The reclaimed wide plank flooring is flourishing since it is sustainable and is known for its authentic vintage aesthetic. Before demolishing a century-old building, historical structures, woods are been rescued and are harvested from old barns and converted into the reclaimed wood floor.

    2.Engineered hardwood floors

    Engineered wood includes the derivative wood products that are manufactured through binding and fixing boards of wood and other particles using adhesive or other material to form a composite material. Engineer wood has great stability it does not shrink or warp with changes in environmental conditions. 

    Colour Trends of hardwood flooring

    In 2020 warm shades like honey are making a great comeback and shades like grey will continue to be in trend this year too. 

    1. Gray and Greige Flooring

    Grey has been trending for several years, people have continued to love it even today. It has a different variance and shades. The shade that is the most popular nowadays is greige that is a mixture of grey and beige. It is a classic compromise between rustic and modern style.

    2. White washed wood floors

    Earlier white washed wood flooring was the choice of people living in coastal areas but nowadays the trend is quite popular in various countries. This is due to enhanced quality and appearance in terms of subtle character and matte look.

    3. Honey coloured Flooring

    During earlier times honey coloured wood flooring was very popular since it gives a rich classic look. The colour has come back with its vintage classic and warm look. It makes space look more spacious and gives a natural tone to the room. 

    Textures in trend

    After colour comes texture. Choosing the right kind of texture is equally important. Each texture might look similar but has unique characteristics. Let us understand about all the 3 types of flooring-

    1. Wirebrushed Wood Floors: Wire bush gives a weathered look due to wire scratches which gives them a smooth look than other texture.

    2. Handscraped Wood Flooring: It is expensive but adds value to the room. It is as popular as wirebrush and gives a beautiful custom effect if used.

    3. Distressed Floors: It is a well-known texture that has different characters and style.

    Finishing In Flooring

    Finishing plays an important part in defining the look of the room and the flooring, be it pre-finished or site finishing. 

    1. Matte Finish: Matte finish is more trending nowadays than the satin finish. If done properly, it looks very beautiful.

    2. Oil Finish: It?s been popular from earlier times. It gives flooring nice shining organic look. The oil penetrates over each layer of the wood making it more durable and long-lasting. 


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