How to create a crazy look with Halloween contact lenses

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    Are you up for a crazy look this Halloween but worried about the costume? Don’t stress out. With Halloween contact lenses, you don’t even need a costume because it can make an ordinary costume the next level. You can create a crazy, spooky, and scary look with it.

    Have you ever seen a horror movie and thought about how they created the look? Are you curious to know about it? Okay, hold on here?s the answer for you. They use these Halloween contact lenses to create that spooky and scary look. If you have seen The Conjuring 2, you must remember that demon nun. She wore whiteout lenses in that movie. Likewise, in Siccin, the girl used blind white lenses to make her eyes look cleared out.

    Halloween is indeed a fun event for both kids and adults. And the planning for the occasion starts months before the event. Do you know that 30% of the United Kingdom population spends 300 million euro each year on Halloween costumes and accessories? If you are looking for something extraordinary for this Halloween, this blog will surely help you. Let’s talk about some crazy Halloween looks.

    Blind white:

    A color that completely covers the eye and merges with the sclera-the white part of your eye. It looks like the eyes of a blind person, that is why it is named as blind white. Most of the horror movie characters used to wear this color to create a spooky look, you can use this to make your friends scream like hell.


    Hypnotize your friends wearing these psycho contact lenses from our range of Halloween contact lenses. You can add more hypnotism making circular motions around your face with white and black paint. This white colored lens with black circular motions will definitely get your friend hypnotized this Halloween.

    Twilight Volturi:

    Another great choice for twilight saga fans! This red color with hues of black in it goes best for a mature vampire look. These bloody red eyes are a sign of blood predators. It will scare your friends as if you?ve just swallowed the blood of a human. Look, how scary is it, no?

    Angelic blue:

    Not a fan of scary look on Halloween? Do you want a soft angel-like look or a Disney princess look? Whether you want to look like Elsa or Anna from the movie Frozen, these blue lenses are a perfect choice for you. It is a soft blue color with a black outline. Moreover, it adds definition to your iris.

    White mini sclera:

    Another choice to look like a horror movie nun is this white mini sclera. What it does is it covers your whole eyes just showing a little black eyeball. It is a white color lens that exactly matches the color of your sclera. Imagine what a scary look it will create, just like the movie character from Siccin.


    These spider eyes will surely make you look like a real spider man. Paint your face red and make that net with black lines. The last part is the eyes, wear these white lenses with a net made in it, you’ll look like a real spider man. Spider-man fans, where are you? Here is a perfect choice for you.


    It is similar to the blind white color. The only difference is, it has a little black eyeball in the center. It can be used to create a porcelain doll look. You may use it to create a skull look on your face with white paint all over your face and big teeth around your mouth.


    Want to look like a devil from Lucifer? Look nowhere! These red-colored devil contact lenses with cylindrical iris are the best choice for you. It will do the best to make you look like an actual devil.


    Green eyes with purple under eyes and green lids create a perfect hulk look. These hulk contact lenses are bright green colored with a yellow outline around the little black eyeball. It is perfect for a hulk fan. You may also use it for the Maleficent look, as Angelina has the alluring green eyes in that movie. It is also a perfect match for The Joker and Poison Ivy look.

    Wild cat:

    These wild cat lenses will make you look like an actual black cat if you have big eyes. It is yellowish-green in color with a cylindrical black eyeball like a wild cat. You just need to add cat ears, make the stripes, and you?re ready. You can also try an alien look with these lenses.

    Golden vampire:

    It is a sparkling golden-green color that is perfect for a vampire look. You must try it for Angelina Jolie?s Maleficent look. Whether you want to match Damon’s alluring eyes from Vampire diaries or Angelina Jolie from Maleficent, these lenses are perfect for you.

    Twilight breaking dawn:

    Do you remember Bella from breaking dawn when she was converted to a vampire? She had tempting red eyes. These twilight breaking dawn lenses are exactly the same. The red color is extra natural with black detailing of the iris, making it perfect to create a newborn vampire look.

    Zombie grey:

    This color gives your eye a pale effect, making it perfect to create a look of a mythical creature. You may create the look of a dead corpse or a scary nun you see in horror movies with these lenses. Have you seen the dead sugar skull look? Yes, you can create that look as well, using this color.

    Final words:

    So are you ready for your upcoming Halloween look? If not, better be! We have given you the maximum number of options to go for Halloween week this year. These Halloween contact lenses are a perfect match for your crazy and spooky look. Why not give them a shot? Honestly, you?ll not regret it.

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