Can Hair Transplant Increased Density?

    hair transplant

    Having a good density of hair makes you look young and enhances your overall appearance. You can try different hairstyles to get a new look that turns your overall personality. Good hair boosts self-confidence as you can control them the way you want. Whether you’re a man or a woman, hair is an important part of your overall beauty. But with the growing age hair starts turning white or falling because of some changes in the body and it is natural, nothing can be done with this. But baldness at an early age is a serious problem. Nobody notices it in the early phase and that causes permanent baldness.

    Now the question is what is the solution for permanent baldness at a very young age? Now, we all know the evolution of science has always been a boon in every sector. In the case of permanent baldness, hair transplant is the best option to get the confidence of your personality again in your life.

    Thanks to the advancement of science, after hair transplant natural and healthy hair are back in your life that makes you lead a happy life. Are you worried about hair transplant cost in Delhi? We provide the best and affordable rates. A hair transplant is a surgical method to get the hair from the donor area and implant it into the bald area. We?ll know about it but before that let?s study the science of hair, how the hair cycle works, what causes baldness, and how you can take precautions against it.

    Hair Growth Cycle

    Hair is made up of keratin, it is a kind of protein present in the follicles. The hair growth cycle consists of three stages: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. This cycle makes you well understand about the life of the hair and the serious problems that lead to baldness.

    Hair grows everywhere except for some parts of our skin. As we discussed above hair growth reduces with the increasing age of a person and it is normal but losing hair is not normal in the early stage of life. Here are a few factors that cause hair fall:

    • Genetics
    • Hormonal imbalance
    • Stress
    • Improper diet
    • Weight loss

    Taking proper care of your health, hair fall can be controlled but if you are losing excessive hair, don?t take any chance and visit Divine Cosmetic Surgery where you?ll find a specialist with a solution of your hair fall problems, it provides the best service of hair transplant in Delhi.

    Methods of Hair Transplant: –

    FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): FUE is a primary method to obtain the hair follicles from the donor area mainly the backside of the head where the density of hair is naturally high and then punch the grafts gently into the scalp of the recipient area. After the treatment, the extracted area will be healed within a few days and within a few months, you?ll notice hair growth. Proper medications are done by the specialist to heal the scalp as well as to prevent the side effects. The FUE method is not for the people having curly and thin hair. But best for small hair transplant.

    FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): In the FUT method, a stripe consisting of hair is taken from the donor area that is the backside of the head. This stripe is placed into the recipient area with a high-powered microscope and under the supervision of well-trained surgeons. It is also known as the stripe method. FUT is basically for those who want a long hair transplant. And is considered the best technique for all hair types.

    DHI (Direct Hair Transplantation): DHI method is a variation of the FUE method and an advanced method of hair transplantation. In this procedure, hair extraction is done with a special medical instrument called Choi implanter or pen. It is the faster method than the above two methods and the most demanded method. 

    How does a hair transplant cost?

    Cost depends on the method suggested by your doctor. Hair transplant cost in Delhi is the cheapest in Divine cosmetics surgery. Hair transplant in Delhi is done by us at affordable rates with the best quality results. Not all expensive hair transplants provide satisfactory results. It depends on the guidance of your surgeon.

    Dr. Amit Gupta is the founder of Divine Cosmetics Surgery and provides the service of hair transplant in Delhi-NCR. He has an enormous 13 years of experience and has done several surgeries with 100% successful rate. His educational qualifications include MBBS. MS (General Surgery), DNB (Plastic Surgery) Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. With his skills and knowledge, he has won many awards and certificates. With Dr. Amit Gupta, discuss your problems and go back with the fruitful results.

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