Hair transplant Solution Against Baldness

    hair transplant solution

    Hair transplantation is now a very common procedure to remedy a problem of hair loss. This method is used to replenish a bald area of ??the scalp, whether the hair loss is early or late.

    If alopecia affects both women and men, the latter are the first candidates for the FUE technique for hair (Follicular Unit Extraction). The operation involves removing the bulbs directly from the occipital area of ??the skull so that grafts can be implanted on the bald part in the front. The result is discreet and long-lasting since this new hair will grow back normally.

    Before hair transplant

    Before any act of surgery, including hair transplantation, there must be a period of 15 days between the first consultation with the specialist and the performance of the operation. This duration allows the patient to make his decision without rushing, but in full awareness, and to consider all the recommendations of the practitioner. For his part, the surgeon will question the patient’s state of health and his history, which may lead him to request tests or a blood test.

    At least two medical consultations should be scheduled with the surgeon to gain confidence, expose all his fears and have a better idea of ??how the operation will go. All relevant information must be reported, such as current drug treatment. Hair transplant in islamabad

    During the two weeks before hair surgery, it is strongly recommended that you stop smoking to eliminate the risk of necrosis, as well as taking anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin. From the day before the operation, stimulants should be avoided: alcoholic drinks, coffee, etc. You can also already start an antibiotic treatment which will continue for a few days after the hair transplant. On D-Day, it is advisable to wash your hair with a mild and antiseptic shampoo. You should avoid applying other products, such as conditioner or mask.

    If for some reason the surgeon decides to perform the operation under general anesthesia, it is imperative not to eat anything at least 6 hours before.

    During hair transplant

    The operation is usually performed under local anesthesia, and the patient should lie on their stomach, on a suitable support that frees their face. A photograph is taken beforehand, which will later be compared with the result. No pain is felt during the procedure. The surgeon begins by delimiting the area to be treated and the donor part. The latter is then shaved while making sure to keep a small length which will facilitate the removal of follicular units. The patient then lies on his back for the implantation phase.

    The duration of the intervention is variable, on average between 2 hours and 3h30. It mainly depends on the number of implants and the area to be covered, for example about 3 hours for 1000 implants. If the quantity is larger (more than 3000 implants), the operation can be spread over several sessions.

    After hair transplantation

    Since she does not use a scalpel, FUE hair transplantation is a non-invasive operation that does not leave large scars, unlike the strip technique. No dressing is therefore required. The patient can go home the same day of the operation, and the application of a disinfectant may be recommended.

    It is possible to feel a slight pulling or tingling sensation in the area of ??the sample, but this is temporary. You can wash your head the day after the operation, always with a mild, antiseptic shampoo, but avoiding exposure of the treated part to water (or briefly) as much as possible.

    Edema can be seen within 24 to 48 hours after the session, but goes away in about 3 days. Immediately afterwards (48 to 72 hours later), the implants will present with scabs and / or redness which will take almost a week to start. Newly transplanted hair can sometimes fall out with the scabs, but eventually grow back. Best hospital in islamabad

    As with any surgical intervention, post-operative checks are also essential, especially 2 or 3 days after the hair transplant, then a month afterwards, then the consultations will be spaced a few months apart to judge the evolution of the result. Photographs will be taken to better appreciate the result.

    What is the cost of a hair transplant?

    The price of a hair transplant in France is around 2,500 euros for a small area, and can exceed 6,000 euros, or even reach 10,000 euros. The price depends on the number of hair implants and each practitioner.


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