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List of amazing hairstyles with bangs for New Year�s party

Women often debate whether to get bangs or not because it is a big deal. They ask questions like “will it look good on me?” and “what if I don’t like it.” Ladies, whether you have long or short hair, bangs will amplify your beauty. Here is a list of unique hairstyles with bangs that you must try for New Year’s party; after all, bangs frame your face and hide wrinkles despite your face shape.

Curtain Parted Bangs
Curtain bangs for women with long hair 

No matter what you wear for New Year’s party, the curtain parted bangs with your long hair will add a touch of retro glam. You don’t need to do much with this, and it is a low maintenance hairstyle. 

Styling tip: Make your eyes the center of attention, choose a bright eye shadow, and add faux lashes. 

Sweet Wispy Fringe 
Get yourself the sweet wispy fringe and take a few strands out on both sides

This hairstyle is perfect for women with long gorgeous hair. Tie your hair into a messy bun and take a few strands out on both sides of your face. This long hair with bangs gives you a simple and elegant look. Make sure your bangs do not fully cover your eyebrows for a fresh look.�

Overgrown Bangs

Look like a rock star with this overgrown bangs 

Over-grown bangs on short hair has been popular since the 2010s. It comes in different styles, but if you are going to this year’s New Year’s party, try this look. The short hair with bangs is simple, but you will look like an edgy rock star when you pair it with a leather jacket. It is an effortless and trendy hairstyle for women of all ages.  

Curly bangs 

Curly bangs for women with curly hair

If you are a woman with curly hair and want to look different, choose curly hair with bangs hairstyle. Choose uneven bangs to frame your face and achieve a youthful look. You have tons of styling options in terms of hair and clothes. Wear whatever you desire for New Year’s party and make yourself the center of attention.

The Classic Bangs 

Look like Jessica Beil with the classic bangs

There are so many hairstyle ideas for bangs and even more ways to style them. The long and straight fringe is a classic that never goes out of style. You have tons of styling options for this type of bangs; you can part it, do a side-swept style, or let it cover your forehead. It goes well with ponytails and buns.

Feathered Bangs For Older Women

The perfect hairstyle for older women-The Feathered bangs

The feathered bangs has been a favorite hairstyle for Hollywood A-lister Jane Fonda. Part your bangs in the side-swept style for a youthful and fresh look. This is a great look for New Year’s party as well as for everyday look. 

Styling tip: Choose a dark color for your hair’s roots and lighten the rest of your hair to revamp your style.

Textured Bangs

Vanessa Hudgen with her texture-packed bangs and curly locks

Textured bangs add tons of movement to your bob cut. Apply texturizing hairspray and curl your bob along with the bangs for a voluminous look. Disney star, Vanessa Hudgens is my inspiration for this type of hairstyle. . Choose a pair of hoop earrings for this textured bangs hairstyle. 

Pro tip: If you have a bob cut, try this hairstyle with textured bangs. 

Faux Bangs

Achieve Kendall Jenner�s topknot with faux bangs look

Now, if you are still hesitant about cutting your hair into bangs, then get yourself clip-in bangs from Diva Divine Hair. Tie your hair into a topknot bun and part your faux bangs on one side or the normal way. No matter what you wear for New Year’s party, this topknot bun with clip-in bangs will compliment your ensemble. 

Styling tip: wear earrings that match your clutch.

Messy Shag With Ombre Bangs
Short and messy shag with ombre bangs for New Year�s party

Whether you have short or mid-length shaggy hair, ombre bangs will make you look amazing during the New Year’s party. It is a low maintenance hairstyle, and the ombre color will make you stand out in the crowd. You can go from chic to edgy with this hairstyle.

Styling tip: Choose a bright color for your ombre that compliments your skin tone.

A Bob Cut With Side-Parted Bangs
Supermodel Karlie Kloss in a bob cut with side-parted bangs 

The bob cut with side-parted bangs is an iconic hairstyle; supermodel Karlie Kloss has been slaying this look for years. If you have an elongated face, then this hairstyle is your best friend. All you have to do is part your bangs on one side and add minimalistic makeup to look exceptional. For this  New Year’s party, choose smoky eyes and nude-colored lipstick. You also have a lot of parting and styling options with this type of bangs.

Spiky Sweeping Bangs

Accessorize this hairstyle with encrusted headbands or hair clips with patterns 

If you have a pixie cut, then choose this fashion-forward hairstyle with bangs when you attend parties. If you have a spiky pixie, then you have in-built bangs. Add dual tones to your hair with dark roots, and you are ready to party through 2021.

Wavy Feathery Bangs 

Wavy hairstyle with feathered bangs for women of all ages

If you are in the stage of growing out your bob haircut, then add bangs to your look. Style your hair in soft curls to achieve a messy and shaggy look. Color your hair and style your bangs in a wavy & feathery way.

Center-parted Bangs 

Choose this center-parted bangs hairstyle with ponytail for New Year�s party 

Add center-parted bangs to your sleek ponytail. You can also try messy ponytails and buns with this hairstyle.

Try any one of the hairstyles mentioned above with bangs and make your New Year’s party a memorable one as you can see you have tons of styling options and even more colors to choose from. Don’t wait any longer; cut your hair, and get beautiful bangs.


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