From Concept to Launch: A Guide to Mobile Game Development

Initially, mobile phones were just simple device people used for communication. No one had imagined this simple device would dramatically evolve into something so complex that it will become a necessity of this era. It was around two decades later that IBM introduced the first smartphone. This industry has dramatically grown since and with the advancement in other areas of mobile applications, game development has improved dramatically. Today, you get extremely captivating, and engaging games with exceedingly natural visual effects.

What is Mobile Game Development?

Game development refers to the process of creating games. It includes all the steps from idea inception to designing, development, testing, launch, and maintenance. When you plan to create a game you must keep in check the following.

  • User experience which includes graphics, sound, and control.
  • Game mechanics
  • Rewards
  • Player engagement
  • Level design

Who Should You Hire to Develop a Mobile Game?

A programmer who might be working as a freelancer or associated with an agency is the right person to develop your game. We would suggest you hire an agency for mobile game development services?in the USA because you will need not just the developers but a team for multiple functions. The designers create the prototypes and the developers then write code for the actual development of the game. The testing team then tests the game for various bugs and glitches and sends it back to the development team for correction. There are several tools that developers use to mitigate the issues of mobile games.

Here are some key skills that you must look into as an android and IOS developer:

  • They must be creative
  • Developers must be passionate about video games
  • They must have up-to-date knowledge about video game trends
  • They must have a Strong analytical frame of mind
  • Game developers must be team players
  • They must be proficient in programming languages, such as C# and C++.

Popular Mobile Game Category

Some of the most popular genres of mobile game categories include:

Murder Mystery Games

Murder mystery games or detective games require the player to solve a criminal case usually a murder case by following clues and hints.

Combat Games

Combat games are the genre in video games in which a player fights against another player who might be armed or unarmed.

Escape Room Games

Escape room games also known as zombie game, puzzle room, or exit game is a game that includes horror elements. In this game, the gamer searches for clues and follows them to solve a riddle. If the players successfully solve the riddle they are free to go otherwise their artificial intelligence character dies.

Strategy Games

This game includes strategic or tactical planning. The gamer must have strong analytical and decision managing skills to achieve victory.

Simulation Games

Simulation games are games that mimic real-life scenarios and operations. They are specifically used for training purposes.

Educational Games

Educational or academic games target young audiences and play a primary part in their development. These games include spelling, craft, and construction games.

Sports Games

Sports games are competitive games that include traditional sports like car or bike racing, football, etc.

Mobile Game Development Market Size

It’s a no-brainer that the mobile game development industry is growing aggressively for the past few decades. The estimated global revenue of mobile games reached $63 billion in 2020 and the revenue collected through tablets was around $13.7 billion.

The US gaming market, which is one of the giants in this industry reached $41.7 billion in 2022. This incredible growth was the result of the wave of digital and technological advancements during COVID-19.

Following the unsurprisingly huge growth, there is still a lot of potential in the mobile game sector which is amazing news for mobile game development services in the USA. The revenues of this industry are expected to surpass the $100 billion mark in 2023. Furthermore, research data suggest the gaming market is expected to reach US$241.4 billion in revenue in 2027 and boasts a total of 1,850.2 billion users across the globe.

Should you Invest in Game Development?

Based on the research data shared in the previous section, one must and should invest in the gaming industry. Company owners of several games like angry birds and, temple run have earned millions. There are several newcomers who grabbed this opportunity to enter the gaming industry at a lower cost as compared to investing in the console. However, there are a few considerations that you must not take for granted before investing in mobile game development.


Game development is a complex and highly technical field. Proceeding without planning could always backfire and cause huge damage to your capital and reputation. Therefore, an investor should study the game plan and invest in an interactive game that users will like to play all the time.


Underestimating the cost is the biggest problem most entrepreneurs make while investing in a game development business. Discuss cost prior to making a decision and then decide if you can afford to bear all the expenses.


We understand you are not a technical person when it comes to android and IOS game development. Still, you have to have a basic knowledge of the game development process to make sure that the team is on the right track.


Hire a well-experienced team or company with the best skillset that has successfully worked on a number of genres and is well-equipped with advanced tools.

Marketing Goals

An entrepreneur, a successful one, knows the importance of marketing in the business. You can sell if you can?t show. So, even before starting with the process of game development, you have to set your marketing goals and create an action plan to reach the target market.

Benefits of Investing in Mobile Game Development

Every business, big or small businesses that might belong to any industry have chances of gain and loss. However, some industries offer more opportunities than others. And you have a better chance of a successful business in sectors that involve advanced technology such as IOS and android game development. Have a look at the benefits that mobile game development offers to businesses.

Persistent Market

Since its evolution, the gaming industry has grown drastically. The graph is constantly moving upwards and is expected to break records in the coming years. There is huge scope in this sector for all the new entrants

Mass Coverage

Currently, there are 6.6 billion mobile phone users worldwide. This stat pertains to the fact that everyone owns a mobile phone. Moreover, players today widely use mobile phones for playing games as it is easy to download and get started with games using mobile.

Generate Revenue

As discussed earlier the revenue of the mobile game industry is xxx billion us dollars. It is expected to increase by 11% out of which 26% is generated by mobile games. It makes sense to invest in a growing sector of the economy.


Mobile game development benefits from digitization. The players can experience a nonstop gaming atmosphere as long as there is an internet connection available.

How to Develop an Online Mobile Game App?

Are you working on a concept for a game and aspire to create one yourself? We will assist you with the numerous procedures required to create a game, despite the complexity of the process of game development. A precise plan, design, execution strategy, and distribution depending on the intended app store are required for the game. Only with efficient pre-production, production, and post-production stages can a game be successful. To simplify the process of creating mobile games easier, consider the following steps for creating a mobile game app.

Unique Game Concept

The most important phase in the process of creating a mobile game is coming up with a unique game concept. It doesn’t require a really original or inventive concept. Starting with a straightforward but unconventional concept, you can develop it into a fantastic one. You can come up with this concept from scratch or draw inspiration from an existing game. You’ll learn how to provide customers with an unparalleled level of convenience with its assistance. The next stage is to learn as much as you can about the market once you’ve decided what type of game you want to make.

Create an Engaging Story

Stories are nurtured in the virtual world. Even a simple tale will not suffice for players to finish a game; they need a cause to play. Create a story that includes a detailed explanation of the game’s levels, characters, and awards to inform app users about the features and goals of the game. Along with additional advantages for you, it engages the user.

After all, it is the tale that gives viewers the impression that what they are viewing is genuine rather than fiction and that they can relate to the characters, and that is precisely what needs to be accomplished. Not every sort of game requires this step. For instance, you don’t necessarily need to include a plot in puzzle games.

Planning And Research

Research and planning are done in the second stage of game development. At this point, you may better implement your ideas using all of the key strategies. Only a game plan that covers graphics, marketing, technicalities, and game development qualifies as standard.

This will also need doing the math to determine how many features your game will include and an estimate of how many players it can draw in.

Choose a Mobile Platform

You must select a platform before you can create a mobile gaming app. There are numerous platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android. You should create your game app for a startup on several platforms, according to developments in both the game business and the wider mobile app development sector. People today use a variety of devices, so it seems sensible that they would prefer to play games that are compatible with all of them.

In addition, you should pick a reputable mobile game development business to finish the job on schedule. It ensures that you receive the best services on schedule.

Prepare a Game Design Document

In order to develop a game, a design document must be created. A major game design must consider a number of factors, including a plot that leads the game, characters, and the finished product. The document captures everything you wish to include in your app and guarantees that the program is developed and launched according to a stick code.

Design the Game Structure

Its sales are strongly impacted by the game’s structure, therefore creating it takes careful consideration. It has interesting and visually appealing graphics and design. You must include appealing components when designing, such as the setting, people, things, texture, etc. The task is challenging for a non-technical individual, though. Therefore, you should look for assistance from a mobile game development business with years of experience in this area. As a result, they will easily finish the mobile game development process.

Design a Game Wireframe

You can see exactly how a mobile game app will operate, feel, and look thanks to wireframing. Consider it your app’s visual prototype. This will help you learn a lot about the creation of mobile games.

The wireframe will serve as a visual manual for the game’s operation and the flow of information from one area to another. Finding the flaws in the game design requires creating prototypes, which can take some time.

Develop Your Mobile Game

The full game design work begins after the demo has been accepted. You will create a sensation at this phase that will alter the conventional game experience. Here, your creativity can be put to good use to make your mobile game more appealing.

Once you have everything planned out, you should begin creating your mobile game. Take into account all the features, operations, technologies, experience, layout, etc. to design an excellent app back-end.

Mobile Game Testing

You can’t just create a game and release it to the public. Before going on sale, your game must pass quality assurance testing. Then again, the game will represent your business, thus you need to release a faultless, bug-free version. As a result, taking this action is necessary.

Mobile games’ beta versions are introduced and tested on a variety of devices by professional game developers. It demonstrates various flaws the game might have, allowing you to repair them and create the finest possible edition of the game.


The creation of mobile games is a sustainable process, and its expansion is unavoidable. If you want to create the ideal game, you must work very hard and put in a lot of effort.

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