Guide to getting home health care in Philadelphia

types of caregivers

Who is a caregiver? As the name implies, a caregiver is someone who cares for another person. They relieve the burden on family members when someone in the family is sick or too old to take care of themselves, thereby providing support to individuals in need. They can either be hired for a long time, or for short durations, but they play a crucial role in the well-being of people they’re hired to assist.

The many types of caregivers

Here are a few different types of home health care in Philadelphia that we commonly hear about.

  • Private-duty caregiver: Such caregivers are hired through a reliable agency. Such caregivers are screened by the agency and are bonded and insured. Families generally prefer roping in a caregiver from an agency as the agency can send a different caregiver if the scheduled caregiver can’t make a shift. This is extremely helpful and a big plus.
  • Independent caregivers: Independent caregivers are also known as private caregivers, but they shouldn’t be confused with private-duty caregivers. They do not work with an agency and thus can be hired at a more affordable rate. However, most families do not prefer working with private caregivers as letting someone into their homes without proper screening is a big liability.
  • Family caregiver: Family caregivers are usually members of the family who choose to care for their loved ones. This generally involves children, spouses, or someone close in the family. They may have a job of their own apart from the added responsibility and usually don’t get compensation for their effort.
  • Respite caregiver: A respite caregiver is usually brought in for a limited period of time – as a fill-in for a family caregiver when he or she is away or is preoccupied with some other work. So, respite caregivers can either be independent caregivers or private-duty caregivers, though they aren’t hired for an extended period of time.

Benefits of hiring a professional caregiver

There are many benefits to hiring a reliable caregiver. Some of those are listed below.

  • Independence: In-home caregivers and home health care in Philadelphia are quite in demand because these allow the elderly to age in their known surroundings. Caregivers help with everything pertaining to daily living. This includes cooking, laundry, medication, and personal care. This allows the elderly to remain at home and continue living their daily routine.
  • Peace of mind: Not being able to see your loved one in front of your eyes can be a big worry for many, and thus, hiring a caregiver at home, will allow you to keep the elderly people at home and at the same time provide them the assistance they need in performing their daily tasks. Thus, finding a reliable caregiver can be a huge relief.
  • Cost: Hiring a caregiver for 24/7 assistance is way cheaper than moving your loved one into a facility. The fact that you can rope them in for specific hours when you won’t be there to take care of your loved one, and that you won’t be billed for hours of care that they might not need, is a big deal. This certainly lowers the cost even further.

Key takeaway

So, if you’ve made up your mind about hiring a caregiver for someone in your family, make sure you opt for a reliable service provider. In-home health care is certainly a great option for seniors as they like to be around their loved ones and continue living their life in known surroundings. With the right assistance, there’s no reason why they can’t continue doing so. Caregivers often serve a midway point between complete independence and life in some residential care facilities. So, if your loved one falls into this category, feel free to get in touch with a professional service providing reliable home health care in Philadelphia.

The desire to stay at one’s own home and be independent as much as possible, are two great motivators that have fuelled the rise in demand for caregivers.

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