Guidance on Glass Cleaning Method

Window cleaning deserves so much attention. In fact, it is not enough just to use some soap and water to do the job. If you want to keep the glasses well maintained, you must take into account several factors. They are not complicated, but they do help to produce a better result.

What are the most practical and effective cleaning methods?

It is important to remember that to perform a glass cleaning you must have experience. It will depend on it that you can cover everything that is involved. For example, if there are blinds or the type of frame they have. When are they cleaned? We can also think about the size of the glasses and their location. In some cases they are part of large buildings.

Therefore, it is recommended that you know the best techniques for cleaning. Even if you hire experts to do so like Rhino Dubai which is Cleaning Services Dubai based agency, you can get the desirable results.

The method of cleaning crystals

When programming a cleaning on large windows, certain precautions must be taken. Among these, we must consider the height of the glass or windows to locate a suitable staircase. In addition, you have to have all the tools for the job: brush, water, soap and in some cases, telescopic tube.

Recommendations for cleaning

To start, you must prepare the soap and water. Fill the container with water first and then place the soap. This is a way to prevent too much foam.

Next, you have to moisten the crystals. To do this, it is useful to use the glass washer brushes. The mechanism with which they have been created is what allows you to reach every corner.

Now it is necessary to cover the corner part of the windows and repeat the step there. This is a necessary aspect because in these spaces it is where the dirt is most concentrated. Thus, it is guaranteed that the maid services is complete.

Then, you have to cover the rest of the glass. Usually, the most appropriate style is zigzag. It starts at the top and you go down until all the glass is covered.

When the glass is at a higher height, then you can use the telescopic tube. Using the ladder you approach the best possible distance, ensuring that it is well secured.

To conclude, the glass cleaner is used to remove all the water. In this way, it is completely dry.

First method to clean crystals

Within the recommended glass cleaning techniques, one of these is to do it horizontally. To have the clearest idea, it is as if the glass were divided into several columns. These are going to be cleaned until the stroke is completed.

To perform this cleaning you must use the glass cleaner horizontally and go down to the end. It is possible to do it with a slightly slight inclination of the tool. This step is performed throughout the area, as if it were columns.

Second method to clean crystals

The second technique is to do the cleaning vertically. In the same way as with the previous one, it is as if we separated the strokes in the form of rows. You have to start from the upper side and down.

To do it effectively, the glass must be traversed both from right to left and from the left to right. It must be done without pausing, progressively until the glass is completed.

clean crystals

Tips to solve some problems

The on demand cleaning methods are simple, although they require time to do it completely. In addition, you may have some doubts about situations that may arise in some moments. For example, if you get graffiti, adhesives or simply, how to drain the glass cleaner. Here are some useful tips:

  • The glass-cleaning brush must be drained every time we will pass it. To do this, you can use either of these two methods. The first is to tap it on a surface where it cannot be splashed. And the second way is using absorbent paper to clean the edge.
  • If you get some graffiti you can remove them using a liquid that dissolves. You can apply this with a paper that absorbs so that its distribution is easy. In these cases it is recommended to wear gloves to avoid any damage to the skin.
  • You may also have to remove some adhesive. This can be done by moistening that area. Then, using a special glass blade, you finish removing the details that are observed.

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