How To Grow Your Taxi Business With The Help Of The Feature Rich Uber Clone Script?

The Uber Clone Script needs no introduction. When Uber entered the market over a decade ago. It had broken the wheel of discord between a taxi driver and ride seeker in one of the most efficient ways that people could have ever imagined. After having used the app and other similar solutions, it is hard to imagine a world without it.

However, in spite of its popularity. You will be surprised to know that such apps only occupy about one tenth of the market. This means that there are nine tenths of the market that is still a potential source of generating revenue for you.

This is a blog post aimed at helping you procure the best Uber clone script that is feature rich. And has all the notable characteristics that facilitate practical online taxi booking for the current market along with tips on what you can do to promote your business.

So, let us begin.


The first and foremost thing that you must understand about the Uber clone app is that. Its popularity has led to multiple on demand mobile app development companies to build their own versions of it.

You might even have come across some businesses operating with a similar model. What you probably don?t know is that while there are so many options out there. Not every one might be specifically tailored to suit your business requirements.

Each market, each demographic and each business size comes with its own set of needs. In order to ensure that the Uber clone app solution that you purchase for your business is absolutely fitted to your requirements.

Take note of all the features each of the short listed apps include. So that you can get a better handle on which one you should put your money on. The best and the easiest way to do so is to request a free live demo of these apps. Since they are in a launch ready condition, the app development company should have no trouble obliging you.

Download the apps on your Android and iOS devices to go through each of their features carefully. Make a note of the features that you think are relevant for your business and the ones that you don?t think are. Then discuss with the white label app development company if you can choose to purchase the version of the Uber clone app with the features that you need so that you don?t end up paying extra for stuff that you don?t need.

A few important things to remember are:

  1. The App should have a very easy to navigate and intuitive flow.
  2. The Uber clone app should have a simple design so that the user and the taxi driver aren?t confused while using it.
  3. The app should be easy to download and log into using their social media handles, Gmail account, facial recognition or even fingerprint scan.
  4. You should get a website along with the app so that your users can make bookings and register into your system without having to download the app if they so choose.
  5. The Uber Clone app should have the automatic payment facility using multiple card management feature so that users can make online payments directly through the app.
  6. The app should be operable in the local language and should have the local currency integrated into it.
  7. The app should come with the licensed source code without any additional charge.
  8. The Uber Clone app should also be integrated with high end CoVid 19 corona virus safety features to keep your users as well as drivers safe.

If your app has all the above mentioned pointers, you should be able to grow your business with its assistance quickly and efficiently.

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You have probably seen the brand logo of Uber or Ola on the vehicle that comes to get you. This procedure of putting your logo or enclosing your armada vehicles by your organization’s brand image is an incredible method for contacting more riders and inspiring them to use your services.

A vehicle with organization markings and designs is seen by in excess of 3,000 individuals in a bustling region. 91% of different drivers notice ads on vehicles and 35% review them with close consideration.

Marking your vehicles need just insignificant costs yet yield you more noteworthy returns. Armada marking is a successful and normal strategy to help your taxi business.


You should select drivers to maintain your taxi business. Organizations like Uber join drivers who have their own vehicles as this lessens the expense of securing and keeping an armada.

Your drivers are the foundation of your business, yet they can go about as ideal PR specialists and do wonders for your organization. Drivers by and large speak with the riders and will actually want to educate them regarding your organization at no additional marketing expense!

Having more driver partners is also an excellent way to ensure that whenever your riders are looking for a ride, they can find it easily. The more the number of cars registered with your app, the higher is the probability of people making bookings and scheduling rides.

You can request that say 50 to 75 drivers join and test your application, and soon they will help more drivers on board through references. Your armada will likewise show signs of increment with the quantity of drivers, and your business will accomplish the development you have been anticipating.


Markdown coupons and special offers are attempted and tried techniques to draw in new clients and hold the old ones. 79.8% of purchasers use coupons with consistency while another 80% are paying special attention to promotional activities. 91% of clients who reclaimed a coupon will turn into a recurrent and loyal customer to a business.

You can offer discounts to clients straightforwardly through your taxi dispatch programming or send them a pop up notification. These promotional discounts can likewise be distributed across various social media platforms or even through your website.


You can coordinate the framework in your taxi booking applications where the clients can share a promotion code with their contacts. The new contact then, at that point, gives a shot your application like Uber and alludes it to their loved ones. This way your business is continuously developing as you continue to help new clients through references.

Developing your Uber Clone App business does not have to be difficult so long as you have the right feature rich app. So go for it! All the best!

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