Green Balcony ideas for your little patch of paradise

    Green Balcony

    If you have a balcony with a view, then consider yourself lucky. Most people would die for a seas view or an aesthetic mountain view right from their room via a balcony. But if you’re living in a city apartment, then a balcony with a roadside view also works fine. I mean, sure you would have to deal with the traffic noise, but at least, you would get some air and a place to refresh yourself. What if I told you, that with some time and money investment you could turn this balcony into a chilling spot in no time.?

    Being passionate about DIY home projects from a very long time, today I bring you some simple tips and green balcony ideas that will change your perspective. And, if you?re on a budget then purchase some furniture and equipment on lower prices, through Buy Fencing Direct Discount Codes . So, without further ado, let’s check these tips out: 

    Green Balcony Ideas 

    DIY Bamboo Shield

    If you live in a neighbourhood, where there’re too many people around and seeking privacy, then this DIY privacy project will leave you Gobsmacked. Get a handful of bamboo sticks from a local store. With the help of some ropes and threads tie them beside the grill of your balcony. In a way, it entirely shields it. Add in some twinkle lights to give it a fancier look. You can also keep some lanterns near, to make it look more alluring during night time.

    Planter Wall

    You can never go wrong with a planter wall. This green balcony idea is bound to work. Build a wooden fence for it and then hang some planters with beautifully vivid flowers, along with fairy lights to give it a festive touch. Add in a couch or a two-seater sofa set with a small coffee table with weather-resistant cushions. Finish off the entire rustic look with a brown rug and throw in a picnic blanket and Voila! Your new hangout spot is done. 

    A Touch of Oasis

    You are turning your balcony into something functional works every time. Turn it into something where you could do your work and chill at the same time. All you need is an Acapulco chair, a rug, some shelves and plants of course. Get a foldable chair if you’re short on space. If you can’t afford to get a new shelve, then an old crate works just fine. , make sure to give a paint job before you plan on placing it somewhere. Plant seasonal flowers or grow some herbs as well. These herbs will provide the entire balcony with a fragrant feel and a fresh aroma. Try this green balcony idea; I believe you would fall in love with it.

    Privacy screen Matters

    For green balcony ideas, setting up privacy screens matter a lot. There is no point in chilling at your balcony when numerous people are staring at you. Apart from setting up a DIY privacy screen, you could also opt for a fancier option. Conduct some research online and pick the one you admire the most. You can get extendable privacy screens as well that tend to extend the overall area from the floor, adding more space to your balcony. Thus, do give such green balcony ideas a chance.

    Wrapping it All Up

    Balconies offer a great escape from all that noise from the world. They’re a great place to chill out with your friends and have chit chat sessions. A great place to summon your thoughts and find balance in your life. If you’re fortunate to be blessed with one then put it to use. I am sure these DIY green balcony ideas will assist you in transforming your balcony. thus, read on and let us know what you think in the comment section down below.  


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