Could the Great Resignation force techies get career agents?

Artificial Intelligence and?digital recruitment,?has existed for a long time. However, in recent years it has strengthened its position in the HR sector. The Great Resignation made people who work in tech realize how much energy they have. Salaries are going up, and the demand for expert knowledge is high. Additionally, if you’re an engineer at Stripe, there are probably at least three traders who would back your pre-seed company before it has a kernel of an idea. But the fact that the job market is hot doesn’t make it any easier to get around. If you are the top product person at Thrasio or the creative director at Shopify, you probably get a lot of job offers.

Alex Rothberg and Sherveen Mashayekhi started Free Agency in 2019 with the goal of making money off of the craze for startup expertise. The startup thinks that tech workers could use the same kind of help that Hollywood stars and sports stars get from their agents. Free Company’s main goal is to help mid-level to C-level candidates in the product, engineering, marketing, and design with illustration. So far, the company thinks that it has aided candidates set up 4,700 interviews and negotiated $200,000,000 in total wage offers.

Techies Recruiting Trends

Like many other parts of the business,?digital recruitment?and the building of new processes. It is required to meet the needs of the current job market and business environment. Here are some ways that hiring is changing to meet changing needs. Let’s have a look.

Digital recruitment

About 70% of the organizations say they do at least half of their hiring and onboarding online. However, 10% say they do it all online.?Digital recruitment?will keep growing, and so will the problems it causes when it comes to giving candidates a close look at the culture of the company and giving them and the company a chance to talk in person for a long time to see if they are a good fit. Top virtual recruiting experiences try to show candidates what the company is like from the moment they find out about a job opening.

Human capital management is the strategy and practices your business uses to find, train, and keep employees. Recruiters are a key part of HCM. Further, HCM is a set of rules that makes sure your employees meet the needs of your business.?Digital recruitment?is becoming a bigger part of HCM strategies, especially when it’s combined with working from home. Your business no longer has to find candidates only in the area around your offices. Rather, you can think outside of peoples’ location and find the best person for the job, irrespective of their location.?


Applicant tracking and candidate relationship management are often done with human resources management systems. Also, the digital interviewing platforms are radically changing the responsibility of recruiters because many processes that used to be performed manually are being automated. HRMS makes the employee experience better when it comes to hiring. It can help with managing resumes and scheduling interviews. In addition, keep track of the process for the candidate, recruiter, and hiring manager. Further, using HRMS methods saves time at the start of the session. Also,?digital recruitment?makes easy one of the most frustrating parts of the candidate experience, which is the duration of the recruiting process.

Artificial intelligence

AI is used to source applicants, evaluate resumes, and schedule interviews. Some platforms employ AI to search through responses to written interview questions, learning from the data and employing algorithms to advance the most qualified candidates. 36 percent of recruiters believe AI would improve their work. They reported utilizing AI for job suggestions on career sites, job description recommendations, candidate matching, candidate screening with automated messages, and candidate engagement rating. The elimination of prejudice from job descriptions is one of the most promising applications of AI. In job descriptions, AI-powered writing technologies can eliminate language that may be discriminatory or gender-biased.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment agencies sydney takes the idea of a marketing funnel and applies it to the process of?digital recruitment. This means that the process and activities are divided into four stages: awareness, interest, decision, and action. It is for anyone who would be interested, not just those who apply. As such, it requires many of the same things as content marketing:

  • Finding the target audience.
  • Making content that is specific to them.
  • Finding the best ways and channels to get it to them.
  • Capturing leads.
  • Pushing them forwards.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your initiatives with recruitment key performance indicators.

Some of the top firms have content writers, and they’re also in charge of hiring.

Social Recruiting

At this point, it’s old news that you can use LinkedIn to find jobs. But recruiters are expanding their search by using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, other social media sites to find good candidates and try to market to them. About 78% of recruiters think that there will be more hiring on social networking sites other than LinkedIn this year. And while the phone and email are still the best ways to find new employees, social recruiting is making huge gains among younger people. Instagram’s use by recruiters keeps going up. In 2017, only 18 percent of recruiters used it. Today, 37 percent of recruiters use it. 


As global events continue to shape the world, businesses are seeking?digital recruitment?methods to adapt. And HR is altering the way work is performed. HCM software is among the most effective tools for keeping up with changing pressures and gaining access to the most recent machine learning, reporting, and other capabilities. It is not surprising that Glassdoor’s annual study of the top jobs ranks corporate recruiters as the most rewarding, despite the difficulty of the position. Going with the most recent recruitment patterns will help you accomplish your job duties more effectively.
Additionally, recruiters, coupled with?digital recruitment?methods, can assist in streamlining this process and make it more efficient. Also, it gives a better experience for both applicants and hiring managers. As a result, the new workers may be onboarded and operating properly as soon as possible.

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