The history behind Nike�s famed Grateful Dead SB Dunks

Grateful Dead SB Dunks

About a year back, the Nike SB renaissance just took another step forward! After scoring a surprise smash with Ben & Jerry�s Chunky Dunky collab, the skateboarding division came up with something far more interesting � something we never thought could happen. Till then, Nike SB had been carefully selecting its partners since 2002, but most of those collaborations comprised skate shops and artists. But last year, the brand came up with a fat-tongued modern marvel. It is perhaps the kookiest design so far and has been brought out in collaboration with The Grateful Dead � the Northern Californian-founded influential rock band that has successfully packed arenas for over half a century.

What is different about the Grateful Dead SB Dunks?

Enveloped in panels of shaggy fur and screeching neons, the SB Dunk Lows are a nod to both the band�s legendary Dancing Bear mascots, as well as Nike�s own Three Bears pack that came out in 2006. In fact, many believe that by working with the iconic band, SB is tapping into the fervent, culture-building fandom that goes deeper than its own.

Grateful Dead SB Dunks

In fact, the marching bears from the album artwork of their 1973 LP History of the Grateful Dead, Volume 1 (Bear�s Choice) were a reference to Owsley Stanley, nicknamed Bear. He helped develop the band�s Wall of Sound system as well as the cartoon symbol. As for the shoes, they all come in multi-colored Quickstrike shoe-box.

How did the fans react to the association?

David Lemieux, legacy manager and archivist for the Grateful Dead, pointed out that the sudden rise in their ranks of followers doesn�t necessarily indicate the wearer has listened to their music and didn�t deny that he’s got a vested interest in selling more merchandise. But he’s also the guy who has to take the brunt of the abuse, as many fans were initially skeptical about the product tie-in. That said, all this hasn�t stopped the sneakerheads and skaters from trying out the Grateful Dead SB Dunks and most of them have nothing but positive things to say about the product.

How difficult is it to lay hands on the Grateful Dead SB Dunks?

When the SB Dunks came out in 2020, they were released on different dates at different stores. While one was exclusively available at San Francisco�s FTC, the yellow and green versions were released almost a week later. While the yellow ones were made available at skate shops and Nike SNKRS, the green ones were exclusive to skate shops. However, they are a great choice for sneakerheads eager to shell out money on limited editions and collaborations.

According to some, Grateful Dead fans are known for hoarding tapes of live performances returning to it time after time, showing signs of idiosyncrasies. The same goes for footwear collectors � those who live for the retro, or for products that arrive with minor tweaks every few years and yet pique new delight.

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