Installation of Graphics card

graphics card

You will learn the cheapest way to set up an external graphic card on your laptop. So, the exp GDC graphic card talk which allows you to install a desktop graphic card in your laptop to play new games on your old laptop. You can easily buy it from online. This device comes with our PCI Express 3.0 slot car 8 pin power in socket or 12-volt DC in socket, a USB port and a HDMI port but before you order this device let you know this device comes in five different versions with five different cables for very old laptop you can order the Express card version if you have the Express card slot on your laptop, the mini PCIe cable for laptops manufactured before 2015. The n GFF version for new laptops which manufactured after 2015. Here is the Mac version for Mac books and the m2 version for new gaming laptops mainly these two versions are bestseller versions in my last video.

Requirements to install Graphics card

Imagine you have a Lenovo Jie 5070 laptop which supports the ng FF version. So, I am going to use it on the laptop with the purchase you will get exp GDC doc or ng FF 2 HDMI cable or power connector and a user guide. So, my laptop’s configurations are it comes with Intel fourth generation Core i3 processor Intel HD four zero graphics processor only I have 4gb RAM on this laptop with windows 10 pro 64-bit operating system. Here, is my gtx760 graphic card with 2gb video memory and i am using a cheap power supply unit don’t look at 1200 watt. I just bought power supply unit in 1200 Indian rupees which is equals to 17 US dollars but wait before purchasing the power supply make sure some graphic card comes with extra supplementary power connectors like this one if your graphic card has these connectors then make sure to buy a PSU.

Installation of graphics card

Now we will be learning to login to laptop. Here, you can see I have four games installed on this laptop let me show you how they are performing with Intel HD graphics here is the fourth night and you can see the menu is completely laggy now let’s check out the gameplay so you can see how laggy the game is running it’s not playable guys and where is my character it’s invisible. Intel HD graphics to make my character invisible on fortnight. Here, I can’t see the road I can’t properly cut a tree it’s so painful moment is trying to play shadow of the Tom Rider the game is running anyway but guys this is not running properly you can see the menu is lagging at all and now I’m going to start a short gameplay you can see how slow this game is running and look at those fancy clothes provided by Intel HD graphics through my god so guys same type of shitty things happening with fob G and with the Assassin’s Creed or DC.

Now I’m going to show you how to set up an external graphic card on your laptop step number one you have to download your graphic card driver first just open your browser and type Nvidia drivers then go to Nvidia website and select which graphic card you have I have gtx760 graphic card so the product type GeForce series 700 product gtx 760Windows 10 64 bit and language English. Now download your graphics driver from here. I have downloaded my graphics driver you can shut down your laptop now step number 2 guys you have to find your wireless LAN card inside your laptop to install the eg PU cable all you have to do just flip your laptop then remove your laptop’s battery, open the access door of your laptop using a screwdriver. So, there you can see your wireless LAN card.

Just unplug this card using a screw driver, just open that tiny screw then unplug the Wi-Fi wires from the card like this don’t worry these wires are removable you can install it later and here our Wi-Fi LAN card is out. Cover these wires with a tape for safety purpose then hide these wires anywhere inside your laptop. Now you have to install a GPU cable. To install a GPU cable, you have to just insert the cable inside your laptop and in the other side of the cable you can see there is a option to mount cable. Just mount this cable using that screw. So, our cable is strongly connected with the laptop. Now maybe you can’t be able to close the access door just because of this wire, you can make a small hole on the access door to figure it out or you can use your laptop without the excess tool. Now insert the laptop’s battery and flip the laptop, after this a GPU cable set up now because this is a Lenovo laptop, there is a rule to install the EGP on this laptop all you have to do just open your BIOS pressing the shortcut key to open the BIOS. Now you have to do just go to the boot tab and you can see there is a PXE boot tool and that is enabled. Just disable it.

This is mandatory to install a GPU on a Lenovo laptop other laptop have other rules. Now save the settings and exit the BIOS then force shut down your laptop by holding the power button because we don’t need to start the laptop. Now powerup your exp GDC graphic card dock. With this power supply, first separate the 24pin power connector 2 into for CPU connector and 6 pin supplementary power connector from the PSU then zip the rest of the VARs because we don’t need it in this setup now take out the e GPU power connector then connect it with the 24pin power connector. Then plug the four pin CPU connector to this connector. Now take out your exp GDC graphical doc and insert the eg pew cable from the laptop and six pin power connectors from the PSU so our doc is ready to use. Now it’s time to plug the GTX 760 graphic card just put it like this and give some push to plug it. We done our GPU setup is almost done.

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