8 things you shouldn’t do on your granite countertops

Caring for countertops is of the most attention, no matter what material they are. While a granite countertop is one of the most durable options on the market, you still need to take good care of your countertops to make sure they look new and to make sure you protect your investment. That said, read on to find out some helpful tips on maintaining your countertops.

There are also several things you shouldn’t do when trying to protect your granite countertops. It includes the following:

1. Do not use liquids directly on the countertop:

Whether it’s creams or cooking oils, you don’t have to store them now on the counter. It is something that is often overlooked. However, spills and leaks occur quickly, which can cause damage.

2. Don’t sit on your counter:

 It can be fascinating to sit at the counter if you have guests, and there is nowhere to sit. However, although granite can be tricky, it is not very flexible and sitting on it could cause the support to break.

3. Do not use generic detergents:

 Even if something is labelled as mild abrasive, you shouldn’t use it to clean your granite countertops. These can dull the surface and cause scratches.

Degreasers, bleaches, and other chemical and common cleaners contain ingredients that will degrade the sealant on the granite, leaving the stone susceptible to stains.

4. Do not place acidic on the granite countertop:

Everyday household items that are acidic and can etch the surface and damage the granite gasket, making it stain more easily:

• The vinegar

• Citrus fruits

• An alcoholic drink

• Perfume

• Lotions

• Nail Polish

• Soaps

In the bathroom, place personal care products in a cabinet or basket with a secure base that will not leak in the event of a spill. And in the kitchen, always use cutting boards for any kitchen and coasters for drinks.

5. Don’t let leaks stay on a granite countertop:

Accidents happen; something greasy or acidic may splash on the counter despite your precautions. In this case, quickly clean with a recommended mild detergent or warm soapy water. It’s hard to prevent water from spilling onto kitchen countertops, but you can control the juice and wine from spilling. You can do this by avoiding placing products on the counters. In case of accidental spillage, clean the counters immediately.

The reason is that spills leave a dark, gloomy stain that makes surfaces look cheap and ugly. It is essential to avoid wine and cranberry juice spills, as they go light-colored paints that are difficult to remove.

6. Do not use knives directly on the granite:

Granite is durable and can handle knives; it’s your knives that will regret not using a cutting board. Slicing knives on granite for cutting food oxidizes quickly and damages their blades. Due to their appearance, counters can seem like the perfect places to cut food. Unfortunately, surfaces are prone to nicks, cuts and scratches, which can tarnish them.

When cutting surfaces, you can also blunt the knives, which increases the risk of lacerations. To protect your counters and utensils:

  1. Avoid missing directly on granite surfaces.
  2. Just like with meat, place a cutting board.
  3. When you put the blades on the shelves, store them in a protective knife block.

7. Avoid putting hotpots on the counter:

Again, granite can withstand heat; it is an igneous rock, after all. Brief encounters with a hot pot won’t damage your counters.

Granite is an igneous rock that can withstand a lot of heat; thus, a brief encounter with a hot pot will not harm the counters. As it does so, exposing the countertops to excessive heat weakens the sealants, which not only means that liquids are flowing directly into the countertops but also makes the countertops look ugly.

To avoid damage to the shelves, always keep the saucer and pot holders nearby while cooking. If any spills occur during cooking, wipe them off immediately.

8. Lot of weight:

Countertops are sturdy and can withstand much weight, but there’s no reason to stand or sit on them. When you put a lot of weight on the edges, countertops can easily break, forcing you to replace them, which is expensive.

Keep heavy loads on the counters. If you can’t, place the center’s load (not on the edges where it can easily break surfaces).

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Kitchen remodeling can increase the value of your home and make it rich and beautiful. Taking care of your granite countertop and treating it as the investment it represents will go a long way in preserving it. Sealing ceilings, when installed, is  common practice; great way to treat the sealant is to clean it daily. When polishing granite, use a specific granite cleaner and try to avoid scented cleaners. It’s a sturdy countertop that will last for years to come but still needs to be treated properly to make sure it lasts long and stays beautiful.

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