The Gorgeous and Gracious Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi Sarees

Indian sarees reflect the rich culture and heritage and the intricate handiwork talks a lot about the talented artisans of India. And one of the most important members would be Banarasi sarees. A zari woven silk saree in vibrant colours, look exquisite and the best when paired with simple or intricate, gold or gems jewellery. 

Women across generations, all over the world, enjoy the richness of Banarasi sarees. In any occasion, be it a wedding, engagement or sangeet, you will at least spot one Banarasi Saree, if not more.

This popular Indian silk saree, originated in the Indian city of Benares or Varanasi. It has grown popular because of its rich fabric, gold and silver zari which are used to weave the intricate and delicate designs.

Today, let�s check out what exclusive designer sarees Like A Diva has in its bounty for you all.

Let�s start with this vibrant piece- a green Banarasi saree with gold thread weavings, which can be paired with a green designer blouse of a darker shade. The next would be an elegant Grey Banarasi Silk saree, which you can pair with a black and golden blouse and be a head-turner.

You can also go for either this regal Pink and Orange Banarasi saree that anyone can carry easily, or a classic Turquoise saree like this that is fit for any occasion.

This oh-so-elegant Mustard Banarasi Saree and the royal Maroon Banarasi Saree are also worth trying.

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Banarasi Sarees


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