How To Get Started With Google�s Local Service Ads? Learn The Easy Steps!

Local Service Ads

Have you ever tried to find out the strategy behind a successful marketing campaign? Many successful marketers make use of a pay-per-click advertising campaign to display their brand and services across a wide audience. Since the advertising technique is the quickest way of driving conversions, it is the most dominated one among other digital marketing or digital advertising techniques.

Local Service Ads

Now, whenever it comes to PPC advertising, the very first name that strikes the mind is our Google Ads. Google’s local service ads are the most trusted PPC advertising method often used by local businesses to make the brand appear to the local search results. Some popular local industries include HVAC, plumbers, carpet cleaners, garage door, electricians, rubbish removal service provider, pest control, painter, window cleaner, tree service provider, and so on.

Before you hire the experts of a PPC marketing company in Delhi, share your marketing details with them. This will help them generate insight into your business, learning your objective, and crafting a PPC marketing strategy on Google accordingly.

Here are a few easy steps that will help you in starting with Google’s local service ads.

Easy steps to get started with Google�s local service ads

  1. Verify your eligibility: When you are planning to start with Google�s local service ads, initialize the process of verifying the eligibility criteria. Maybe you are unaware of the fact that Google’s local service ads are available only for a certain set of industries. Some of them are mentioned above. Hence, it is essential to verify whether you can create such ads for your brand or not.

However, if Google doesn’t accept your industry type or region, don�t worry. Google is expanding its services with time and will accept your industry type in the near future. To learn whether you are being selected for running the local service ads on Google, you need to sign up to get the desired notifications.  

  • Create your business profile: Next, it�s time to create your business profile on Google My Business account. Developing a strong local service ads profile on Google My Business will help users to determine which jobs are particularly made for the local service ads. Now, this may seem to be a bit difficult, but nothing can be more amazing than creating a business profile and starting with the local service ad campaign.

Whenever you create your profile, make sure you add all your services without hiding anyone. List down the kind of services along with the areas where you are going to serve.

Other than creating a profile, you can use the same section to edit the profile as well. In your business profile, you can edit �

Weekly budget

Business hours

Service areas

Job types

Besides, you also have the option to add highlights to the business profile which will help you to portray your business on SERP. Google often ranks the sites that contain 2-5 highlights in the business profile.

  • Add proper details: Other than the above-mentioned details, your next job would be to earn license and insurance details. This will help you earn the Google Guarantee and run local service ads on Google successfully. Make sure the professional license details you add are all up to date along with the authenticate registration number.

If you have multiple licenses, you can simply add them by choosing “Add another license”. This will help to ensure that you are reliable in all those regions you serve.

  • Go for a complete background check: Obviously, the advertising license and insurance details ensure that the advertiser is covered under Google’s guarantee. However, to put more emphasis, you can go for a complete background check and ensure that it is 100% reliable. This encourages the viewers to trust the local service ads on Google.

Google thus requires businesses to go for a complete background check. In fact, Google has partnered with Pinkerton to undergo background checks for advertisers. The best thing is you can perform the overall task absolutely free of cost.


Do you know, what�s the magic of Google�s local service ads? These ads are displayed on desktop, tablet, and mobile searches and come with plenty of benefits that are beyond traditional search ads.

Are you interested in creating Google�s local service ads? Connect with the specialized digital marketing service provider and share your requirements with priorities.


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