Google ads management tips for driving qualified leads for Home Services

    Home services include handyman on-demand, cleaning service app, chores app, home maintenance services and on-demand cleaning services.?

    Since the consumer’s loyalty depends on the service received, the service providers need to maintain good quality service consistently.

    For anyone who is operating a home services business, Google ads management is a crucial part of growing it and increasing revenues.?

    In home services, it is vital to get more leads using Google ads management.

    This would be the perfect way to get potential sales leads to your website?

    Here’s what you can do:

    Targeting home service keywords

    It takes time to find the right keywords for the home services industry. One has to test almost every keyword you can think of and in the process, figure out which keywords deliver the best results for our clients.

    You’ll need to test and analyse your own keywords. This can be done with an AdWords account. Set your time frame to the last 2-3 months. 

    But keep in mind, if you don’t look at a broad enough time frame, your keyword data won’t be very insightful.

    Use ad extensions

    A critical component of Google ads management is extensions.Here are some of them:

    • Location extension to display your street address in the advertisements. Doing so helps customers navigate their way to your office.
    • Price Extensions that help save the sitelinks for the standard ‘Contact Us’, ‘About Us’, etc. 
    • Sitelink extension to link service offerings and get additional information that customers may need. Access multiple categories with a simple click.
    • Price extension that catches the eye of the audience. Provide the costs or pricing information right on the search engine results page (SERP). 
    • Callout extension to provide key information about your e-Commerce business and get added characters

    Run ads through GDN

    Google display network or DGN is the best option to run ads through when it comes to home services. It is cheaper than LinkedIn ads. 

    There’s no denying that LinkedIn is the king of B2B marketing because it is the largest global professional social network.

    You probably know how difficult it is to acquire leads using Google Ads PPC. And the costing is high.

    But you can reduce the same.


    Run the online or text ad through Google Display Networks and target the LinkedIn platform, specifically.

    LinkedIn is a part of the Google Display Network. So you get a clear advantage over B2B advertisers. 

    It’s a relevant platform for networking with like minds in your industry.

    Assess your investment

    A quick Google ad management feature is to keep your Google ad finances on track and achieve your CTR, CPC, or CPA targets:

    • Fix your maximum amount of money you are willing to pay for each click (Max CPC).
    • Enter on Google the maximum amount you are willing to pay for each conversion.

    Mention brand name in headline

    Always include the name of your home services or agency in the headline. One should try to write at least three ads for each ad group in your Google Ads campaign.

    Things to exclude?

    The wrong keywords can prevent your ads from showing up in search results? When you use certain phrases or words in addition to your target keywords. These are called Negative Keywords. Removing them helps get your results filtered and get lucrative leads.

    High-quality tracking

    One of the most important aspects of running an effective home services campaign in AdWords is high-quality tracking. 

    Spending time on your AdWords account doesn’t mean much if there’s no good data in there to look at.

    But with high-quality tracking, you can focus on more than just tracking clickthrough rates. You get actionable data by tracking conversions and new contracts.

    Remember that less than 30% of the home services AdWords accounts are effectively tracking conversions? and you don’t want to be there!

    Google local service ads

    Use Google’s Local Service Ads to connect the right service to the right advertiser. This tool helps prevent mismatches that often happen when a user searches for broad terms for a specific service or an area outside your service zone. 

    Local Service Advertisers charges you only for valid leads and depending on the job and the market. The average cost varies as per the lead. 

    The good thing is that if a lead is either fraudulent, spam or was a poor match, you can even dispute the charge for credit.


    Keep in mind that these hacks of Google ad management, especially Google Ads PPC, can help you launch a campaign to grow your home service business. 

    But one has to be cautious when optimising your landing page. If not, then all of your efforts will go to waste.


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