Why Google Ads is important for business growth?

About Google Ads

Google Ads is the paid marketing strategy which is introduced by Google search to help the business owners to get more visitors for their business website from Google. By using Google Ads, you can show ads to the custom audience on Google search who search for particular search terms. If you are starting a new business or if you are planning to scale the existing business, then Google Ads will help you get more leads for your business by driving right audience to your website.

How Google Ads Work?

Google Ads, also called as the Pay Per Click marketing strategy is a digital marketing strategy by using which you can show your business ads to the users who are searching for particular search terms on the Google search. 

For example, below image shows the Google Ads which different companies are targeting for the search term “pbn hosting”. Below image shows the real-time example of Google Ad campaign by SeekaHost (https://www.seekahost.in/).

In this if a user clicks on the SeekaHost ad and lands on the website, then SeekaHost will pay to Google on per click basis based on the number of visitors which they have received to their website from the Google Ads.

This is just an example and similarly Google Ads will work for all kind of the business and the strategy may vary based on the campaign goals of each businesses.

SEO Vs. Google Ads

SEO is the organic way of ranking a business website on the Google search results for the users search queries. If you are starting with the SEO for a brand new website, then ideally it will take more time to rank for the target keywords. But ranking organically with the proper SEO will help you in long run and will drive more visitors to your website from the Google organically.

On the other end, Google Ads is the paid way of promoting your website on Google search results and driving the users to your website. Through Google Ads, you can able to see the results from the day one of starting the campaign and on the other end, you need to pay for Google for each click for which the user makes on your ad and lands on your website.

Above image shows the difference between the organic search result and the paid search result. The main advantage of rank organically is that it will help you get visitors to your website in long run.

How to make use of Google Ads for business growth?

If you are starting a brand new website, then Google Ads will help you get more visitors to your website from Google search for the right keywords. Ideally, this will help your business get more inquiries. Digital Entrepreneur like Fernando Raymond recommends to use Google Ads to drive the right users even if your business website is ranking organically. 

If you are looking for the best PPC Consultant to manage the paid campaigns for your business, then you can get in touch with best Digital Marketing Agency in London like ClickDo and hire the best PPC Consultants like Dinesh Kumar VM for your business growth.

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