Gojek Clone App Development � How To Make More Money For Your On-Demand Business

On-Demand Apps have become blessings to us. With advancements in technologies, these mobile apps are making our lives better every day. Business owners are looking for innovative ideas to increase their customer reach and make their businesses stand out. In certain situations having Gojek Clone App with New, Version Features can enrich your business and dominate the On-Demand Industry.

Gojek Clone App � 70+ On-Demand Multiple Services Under A Single App

On-demand App services are becoming popular. People love ordering on the go, from the comforts of their home. Thus, entrepreneurs are offering Gojek Clone App with more personalized options.

Creating App like Gojek can be the ultimate solution that fulfills every customer�s needs that is honed with the latest technologies. This On-Demand Multi-service App makes it easier to serve your customers by offering an extensive range of business domains.

From On-Demand Taxi Booking to On-Demand Deliveries and services this all-in-one solution will not only cater to all the requirements. The app is built on scalable technologies that can easily take up innumerable service providers, users, delivery drivers, restaurants, and more. 

Gojek guarantees you to get you maximum returns right from day one.

 Gojek Clone Script is 100% White-label, allowing to customize the services, features, logos, and themes without any technical assistance.

gojek clone app

Are Businesses That Build Gojek Clone Makes Profit?

Gojek Clone is a single solution that lets you cover a huge market. It caters to multiple on-demand services under one platform. 

People love getting things delivered to the doorstep and Gojek Multi-Service Clone App does that. It is a profitable business, generating multiple sources of revenues from a wide range of Taxi booking, deliveries, and services.

If you are looking to enter a service-based space in the market, you can develop a App like Gojek and start making profits immediately. 

New Features Along with Their Respective Services To Include In Gojek Clone App

For Ride-hailing services

  • Restricted Passengers Limit 
  • Face Mask Verification 
  • Safety Checklist 
  • Safety Ratings & Reviews 
  • Ride Cancellation 
  • Apply Toll Cost Manually 
  • Taxi Fare Calculation 2 Models – Fixed model and Incremental Model – For Taxi Module

For On-Demand Delivery & Other Services

  • Store Wise Commission 
  • Day Wise Separate Timeslots 
  • Item Name Searching 
  • 18+ Age Confirmation 
  • Voice Instruction for Store Delivery Drivers 
  • Delivery Driver can have a Helper to assist him 
  • Restaurants to upload Pictures of their Kitchens 
  • Order Cancellation option for Store Delivery Driver 
  • OTP Verification to Start the Task
  • Graphical Status of Rides and Order in App notification

In Conclusion 

Witnessing the present situation of the market, the Pandemic has created havoc across the globe. The economies are struggling to get back. Business owners are having a hard time running the business let alone make the profits.

Choosing a reliable, professional Gojek Clone App Development Company India will be a wise decision. The company has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, with an experienced app development team. Discuss your project with them so that they can guide you well, ensuring you get the right app with all the latest technology and new features to go with.

Check their client video testimonials and their years of experience working in this field. Look for their Choose a Gojek Clone App development that has launched at least 1000+ apps in the Play Store/App Store. This way you will be able to gain clarity that you are hiring the technology partner for your Gojek Clone App.

Take the live demo of the Gojek Clone App so that to know the work performance. This way you can customize the features and launch them in 7 business days.

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