Gojek Clone Script with Novel Features – A Quick Overview

gojek clone script

As more people migrate to the on-demand single app for multi-service services, it has become clear that various clients and savvy entrepreneurs all over the world want their own Gojek Clone Script.

To be able to purchase the Best All Inclusive Super App with 101+ services that will assist you in effectively growing your business, you must be aware of the new features that have been added to the app recently.

So, Here’s the quick overview of the Upgraded Super App

Online Video Consultation

The Gojek clone app is basically a service provider on demand apps. This refers to the service providers who have signed up for the app. Can be summoned to provide services to clients via the app. However, with the new online consultation tool, this is no longer the case. Users can now consult with specialists directly through video conferencing or an online chat facility.

Experts such as doctors, lawyers, trainers, accountants, and others can be contacted by users. It’s a simple approach to ensure that users have access to the services they need. They can find what they’re looking for without having to personally visit them or even call them.

Offering Service Bid

People searching for service providers by category within the Gojek clone app is the traditional manner of hiring a service provider. The introduction of this new functionality, on the other hand. People can now post job needs and wait for service providers to respond with bids. This means that once the job is listed, service providers who are qualified for the job will be notified. They can bid for jobs based on their interests and propose a price that is most convenient for them. Following that, the user can choose a service provider based on their bids.

Delivery Runner/Genie

This is a new tool that allows users to hire someone to help them with their daily responsibilities. Let’s look at an example to assist us comprehend this. Let’s imagine a user has a hectic day and has to depart early for work. They can then employ a delivery runner to pick up their lunch from home and transport it to their office, as well as pick up their laundry, and so on.

Taxi Booking using iWatch App

You can now use Apple smartwatches to schedule taxi rides for your customers. The taxi booking part of our Gojek Clone App has this ground-breaking feature. Check to see if your consumers’ iPhones and smartwatches are up to date. You can also accept online payments from your customers using the iWatch.

Country-specific payment gateway

This functionality comes in handy when a site owner has operations in more than one countries and needs to allow local payment processing for each country’s banks.

Taxi/Deliver All / Delivery video call choices

There’s also the option to telephone or text chat. The video call capability allows users and drivers/service providers/delivery executives/service providers to communicate.

Wrapping Up

Rather of investing a lot of money and effort in developing a completely new app, the ideal option is to use a white label on-demand ready-made Gojek Clone app. Developed by a business with at least 6 to 8 years of experience in mobile app development. You’ll be able to get the app on the market in less than a week if you do it this way. Under your server credentials, the app will include your business name and logo.

The Gojek Clone Script is the most effective and efficient tool on the market for growing your business. It is the simplest and most profitable application that the market need at this time. This app will not only provide users with access to a variety of services. It’s the ideal platform for ensuring that numerous service providers, stores, and restaurants can increase their revenue.

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