Gojek Clone Script Vietnam: Know It Inside And Out!

gojek clone script

The greatest accomplishment of the cutting edge times is the capacity to depend on innovation for every one of our necessities. With the growing popularity of single app based solutions for multiple services in Vietnam, an ever increasing number of individuals are moving to a solitary application instead of going for multiple apps that solve a different problem each. Numerous engineers all over the planet are creating their own on demand mobile applications which can take care of different services utilizing a solitary application. The introduction of the Gojek clone script ended up working with this very need.

The Gojek Clone application is one of the world’s most impressive applications that has made several services open to the clients utilizing a single application. The application is bifurcated into numerous areas, each partitioned into service categories in view of the classifications that they serve. These are:


This part basically works precisely like the Uber Clone application. The clients can download the application and afterward use it to book taxis by entering their get and drop areas. The application likewise guarantees that the clients have the decision of the vehicle type that they need to employ for a ride, in light of their financial plan and their necessities.


This part is a progressive help that empowers clients to send across packages starting with one spot then onto the next. Rather than monotonously going to the messenger office and sending your bundle, the application permits clients to recruit conveyance experts which guarantee that a professional delivery driver comes to your doorstep to gather the package and drops it to the destined location. There are 2 sub categories within this service. They are:

a.???Single Delivery: This section empowers clients to send across packages starting from one spot to the next. This should be possible by choosing the single mode of delivery and entering pick up and drop location.

b.????Multiple Deliveries: This part empowers the clients to send across bundles starting with one spot then onto the next. Parcels of any size and dimensions can be sent across form one place to multiple locations.

The beauty of the app lies in the fact that it does not require anyone to set any embargo on the amount that can be sent. The user can send across a parcel of any weight or size dimension. They have the freedom of choosing the speed of delivery as well, because they can select the vehicle for delivery.

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This part of the application permits clients to buy things and furthermore get these things delivered utilizing the actual application. They don’t have to go out to shop to an alternate site and afterward employ somebody to independently collect and deliver the item. There is a wide range of types wherein this assistance is utilized:

  • On Demand Food Delivery Service/Restaurant Delivery Service
  • Grocery Delivery Services On Demand
  • On Demand Pharmacy Delivery Services
  • Alcohol Delivery On Demand
  • On Demand Bottled Water Delivery
  • Medicinal Marijuana Delivery On Demand
  • On Demand Bakery Goods Delivery

Not every entrepreneur wishes to launch their business in Vietnam with all the services right from the get go. This is why; the app owner has the option of ensuring that they can add or remove any number of services from the app as per their choice simply from the admin panel.


This part permits clients to enlist upwards of 70 distinct sorts of administrations suppliers. This implies that whether or not they need a jack of all trades, or an electrical technician, they can basically sign into the application and get the specialist at their homes to offer these services. Examples of services listed here include:

  • On Demand Beautician
  • Massage Therapist On Demand
  • On Demand Electrician
  • Plumber On Demand
  • On Demand Doctor
  • Handyman On Demand
  • On Demand Dog Walker
  • Car Wash On Demand
  • On Demand Maid
  • And more


This part of the app is a latest feature. This feature allows users to set up online consultation with experts. Earlier, one would be forced to go to the expert or have him or her come to their doorstep for delivering services. However, with the latest addition of this feature, a user can set up an online consultation by way of chat, call or video conference with experts of their choice. This is a very useful tool for people looking for services from Lawyers, Doctors, Physical Trainer and more.


This feature is more useful for the service providers. As a user can now put up their job request on the app, ay interested service provider in the vicinity gets notified. The service providers can them make a bid on these services at a price point that they are most comfortable in. The user can then decide who they wish to hire based on the price that the service provider has quoted for the tasks at hand.


This is a unique feature found only in the latest versions of the Gojek clone app. Using this feature the users can hire a delivery expert who can run around doing chores for the user. These chores may include things like collecting their laundry, picking up their lunch for office, getting coffee in the morning and so on and so forth.


The Gojek Clone Script is a feature rich multi service application with a very bright prospect of profitability. With the help of this app, you can grow your business and achieve new heights in Vietnam.


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