Why Gojek Clone Became Famous for Multi-Service Businesses?

Gojek is a superhit Southeast Asian app that has the superpower to deliver quick food, rapid transportation, secured payments, and much more. Operating in more than 20 verticals, this super app has legitly changed how businesses operated traditionally. Inspired by this multi-service app, the Gojek Clone app was created!

The app offers 101+ on-demand services like taxi rides, grocery & food delivery, medical services, parcel delivery, online video consultation, and more.

Customers turn to this application to get anything that they want, anytime, and anywhere!

Well, that?s just one reason why this app is famous among entrepreneurs and customers. Let?s explore other reasons that made this platform a super duper hit among all.

Solves a Genuine Problem

The Gojek-like application is helping people to solve real-life problems. It is focusing on making it possible for them to book on-demand services in a single click and get them delivered to their doorstep.

It?s helping people on a daily basis with everything that you could think of. For example, it is helping people to commute within the city, order their favorite meal, book an ambulance in an emergency, and so much more.

Gojek Clone is, in short, an all-in-one application that has 101+ on-demand services for your customers.

It Fuels the Economy

Unquestionably, the app allows grocery vendors, alcohol shops, supermarkets, and even professionals like delivery drivers, doctors, beauticians, etc. to offer their services.

This app quickly connects local businesses and professionals with their potential customers. Thus, allowing them to generate more business and thus, circulate the money in the economy.

Think of this app as fuel for the economy and its cycles that elevate the lifestyle and standards!

In simpler words, it helps with the economy?s GDP!

According to the University of Indonesia?s Demographic Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business (LD FEB), Gojek is forecasted to contribute 249 trillion rupiahs or US$17.6 billion to the Indonesian economy! And this figure is predicted only for 2021. Do you what that means? The economy will go on to become gold because of this app!

And so can you by launching the Gojek Clone app!

It?s a Money-maker for Entrepreneurs

This on-demand multi-service app is famous among entrepreneurs because it happens to be their quick money-making machine!

Unlike other businesses, it is easier for you to promote or spread the word about what you do among people. Now, those who already use on-demand apps or are getting used to them will definitely try your platform, at least once.

With your consistent quick and convenient deliveries, your customers will get impressed. They will come back to your platform to book services. Thus, increasing your sales.

More sales equals more profit. Moreover, with each and every service booking, you earn commissions. In addition, it is you who gets to decide commission rates for all the services available on the Gojek Clone app!

Thus, this app is a gold mine for everyone, you as the app owner, your customers, and the economy of the region you operate in!

It?s a win-win.

Launch the Gojek-like App in One Week

Yes! You heard that right.

It takes only one week for experts to launch your app like Gojek under your accounts on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

They have a base app that has already been designed, coded, and market-tested over a thousand times. They use this base app, customize it according to your needs, and add your branding everywhere!

Well, they make sure that it reflects only your business and its identity, all the time! And thus, in just one week, they develop the Gojek Clone app and submit it to the stores.

In Conclusion:

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