Learn Promising ComponentsĀ Of Gojek Clone KingX Pro To Enhance Your Business Profits

Gojek Clone KingX Pro

The on-demand economy has quickly overtaken traditional business models by giving customers the best services right when they need them. Because of the benefits of cutting-edge mobile technology, on-demand is a new business trend that has altered the way most businesses serve their clients. It is also growing swiftly.

The primary reason that business owners are on a rampage to utilize Gojek Clone Script to construct their multiservice application is that it reduces the time and cost to a tenth of what would otherwise be required.  In addition, this Super App debuts its seven most sought-after features, which are unique to this app and cannot be found in any other All-in-One App Solutions.

Developed and enacted with careful consideration after thoroughly learning the daily challenges that customers experience and how service providers themselves handle the challenges of doing excellent work.

Learn why it is the right time to invest in this Awesome Gojek Clone KingX Pro that comes integrated with 7 brand-new components.

7 New ComponentsĀ Of Gojek Clone KingX Pro

Buy and Sell Real-estate

This fantastic new function makes sure that your users can explore the newest real estate frontiers. Using the app, your users can now easily buy or sell real estate. When interested parties post information about these properties, users can use the app to connect with them directly. The admin may publish a plan, either for a fee or without charge, under which posts may be published. The app owner can earn a sizable profit through paid plan packages.

Buy, Sell, and Rent Cars

The app’s feature allows users to submit information about cars that can be made available for buying, selling and renting cars, just like it does for real estate. For users to observe and get in touch with the seller of the car, these posts may be created for a brief time.

To publish or submit these details, users must sign up. To post the car requirement on top, the user can take benefit of the Paid Plan Packages.

Buy, Sell, and Rent General Items

Similar to the property and cars sections of the app, this component lets the users list common things like furniture, appliances, and more for a set time. The Admin earns profit through premium plan packages bought by the users to get their things featured on the top.


Individuals who want to provide carpooling services can sign up for your app and upload information about their travel plans, including their schedule, empty seats, and travel time. Also, specifying the cost per seat.

Customers who want to use these services can search the app and view information about the different rides available to reserve a seat. Peer to Peer Car Pooling refers to a system where rides are supplied by individuals. The App Admin earns a commission on every seat confirmed using this component.

Gojek clone script

On-demand Medical services

Use your smartphones to quickly access medical assistance- Introducing “On-Demand Medical Services,” a ground-breaking medical tool that enables your users to look up local pharmacies, ambulance services, and doctors in any specialty using the convenience of their smartphones. The users can set up their in-person medical visits, or at the clinic through this app. Also, they can schedule an Online Video Consultation on demand. modernized

Explore Nearby Businesses

This app’s feature can be compared to the modernized Yellow Pages. This can be used by your users to find nearby businesses. For instance, a user can use the app to hunt up a specific type of business while on a road trip. The administrator of the app can choose to either promote these businesses for free or charge a fee to feature them.

Track Family Members and Employees

It is a great tracking tool that tells about the Individualā€™s location on a real-time basis on Google Maps. For those who are worried about their family members and wish to know they are safely traveling can track through this feature. For employers looking to track their employeeā€™s whereabouts during their work hours can rely on this feature and get real-time updates on Google Maps.

However, the Tracking preferences can be turned off or on when necessary.

Final Thoughts

A Gojek clone app has already demonstrated its viability in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Asian nations thanks to business owners, startups, and small enterprises who can predict the future of the Super Apps. With our Gojek Clone Script on your side, the multiservice sector will undoubtedly be yours. Everywhere in the world, such as in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Spain, etc., this worldwide software can be introduced with these 7 rich components to cater to on-demand services in one go.


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