Making a Gojek Clone App With New Contemporary Features

gojek clone app

It’s not easy managing a business like Gojek! One may have numerous difficulties along the route, and it demands a tremendous amount of perseverance and work. We have included certain cutting-edge features in our apps that will enable you to handle any significant technical challenges you may encounter while operating this company.

Gojek Clone App presents prominent New Modern Features that help you keep ahead of the competition.

Book Your Taxis using the iWatch App

The ability to instantly book a taxi using their wearable smart watches makes it much simpler for your iWatch consumers to hail a cab now! For the Apple Watch app to function flawlessly and for your clients to experience the convenience of hailing a cab directly from their iWatch, we’ve added some of the best features available in this sector.

Service Bid

Your users can complete jobs within the allocated budget and timelines thanks to the functionality. The only thing they have to do is post their “Job” requirements and include a few brief facts, such as the task description, location, budget, deadline, and payment method. The assignment will be put out to bid by the service providers in the area, and the user will get to choose based on their ratings and the bid that is closest to their location.

Online Video Consultation

This feature enables the users to book and schedule their Online Video Chat sessions with the service providers like Doctors, Lawyers, Astrologers, Fitness instructors, Tutors, and more. It eliminates the need of visiting the professional in person saving you time. This feature is the best for those who are busy working professionals, elderly people, working moms, and people who do not have a vehicle.

Medical Service

This one just recently joined the list of notable service categories in the Gojek Clone App. With just a few touches, users may now order medical services on demand. In addition to connecting to different pharmacies, blood banks, and other pertinent medical services without installing additional medical apps, this also supports making and scheduling doctor appointments for walk-ins and in-person visits.

Delivery Genie

The Delivery Genie & Runner Feature gives your customers the ability to send and receive their stuff, and other kinds of shopping from nearby locations. 

The opportunity to hire a delivery person to pick up, deliver, or fetch anything for a customer from the city is now available to them. even run errands, make deliveries, and make purchases according to your shopping list.

Numerous clients often use this option, which is highly popular.

Book Services in Multiple Ways

No matter how it happens, a business must arrive. And because the customer is king, he must have the ability to order services through any channel. Normal customers can make reservations using smartphones, whether they are Android, iPhone, or Huawei phones. via tablets or iWatches, as well.

Via phone calls, non-technical people can make reservations. We will comprehend that not everyone is as tech-savvy or as adept at using a smartphone as, for instance, the elderly. Therefore, KingX 2022 has sophisticated and intricate features like “Booking Services” through “Website by Users” and by “Backend Team” from their Panel when they receive Service Requests via the “Website by Users” to make it simpler for them as well as for those who are not too tech-savvy.

Your customers need to give you a call, describe the service they want, and you’ll book it on their behalf. Major Services can be accessed online and through manual bookings.

This makes it possible for you, the business owner, to accept requests from customers who do not have the app and to provide services at a rate that is comparable to that of using the app.

In Conclusion

You now have a broad idea of the benefits of developing a Gojek clone application. With so many services available in one bundle, this super-app has quickly become well-liked by consumers and start-up founders.

To find a white-label Gojek clone script solution, you must find a Gojek Clone App Development company. Your highly flexible Gojek clone software, which enables comprehensive modification without the need for technical support, and once you’ve done so, you’ll be well on your way to fulfilling your dream.

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