Being a fitness seeker, you always tend to judge on positive results in array with your fitness or yoga studio through bodily results, motivation, assistance from coaches or instructors or getting best technical assistance from yoga studio software. Your clients will never ever be going to leave you if they feel complacent on your deliveries.

People are seemingly worried about their health, fitness and immunity during the time of hardships around the globe i.e., due to COVID-19. It becomes obvious that the demand for good is increasing alongside the bad keeping its hand high on minds. Precisely, you as an owner of a fitness studio need to manage your customers demand of keeping them updated, providing insights of the best to happen being with you is what keep them motivated.

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Let’s look for some reasons why some fitness clients leave your fitness studio and what you could do better to retain them.

Interest, Motivation and Expense are parts of the iceberg, when gets parted in the customer mind they look for a change or something better within their reach which means they can get inclined to your competitors.

However, not all is lost at once. As a fitness studio owner, you can revive the chances of prejudice by setting up new plans on resurgence.

Retention Tip # 1: Finding feet with the help of Technology

Finances were hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and thus the memberships at fitness studios were declined. However, fitness studios started adapting new maneuver for long-term success. Situations are temporary so; fitness studio owners have to seamlessly integrate technological aspects to fill-in voids created by the situation. Livestreaming, online workshops and On-demand videos connects your customers in real-time.

According to sources, 46-59% of people have cancelled their studio memberships after the pandemic has occurred worrying about health and finances.

Technology can lead the march with an equal-level of energy and vibe transmitted to your customers through online fitness workshops during livestream and further accessing the on-demand videos from the video library of the fitness or yoga studio software.

Retention Tip #2: Monitoring Results

Getting quick results should never be a goal of a fitness enthusiast. Fitness enthusiasts are often driven by motivation and expectations. As a fitness expert or instructor, your job is to help your studio members to get a measurable, relevant and achievable results with time.

Thus, creating a fitness workplan and sticking to the plan’s journey should be managed and overlooked by fitness experts at your studio. Fitness instructors must share the growth details to the members like their fitness stats.

When your customer receives better than expected they will stay at you till it handed down. Consistent training regimes and authentic reviews from you can lead your members invest more in you.

Retention Tip # 3: Say NO to surcharges

Financial insecurity has been dreading people amid pandemic now. Although it concerns all, but being a fitness studio it’s your time to be nice to your customers or members giving them the right direction to stay healthier.

Consumers are supposed to be budget-conscious as working out away from home seems unsafe these days unless you prove your worth by enticing them with digital workshops, interactive classes and On-demand videos.

You can add values in customer’s interest, like;

  • Give them the opportunity for asking about On-demand Memberships not a mandatory one till the pandemic gets going

  • Get your members online for workout sessions so that they don’t feel secluded at their homes

  • Get them subscribed to your yoga or fitness studio software. It will help them receive important notifications, access to videos and blogs, stay scheduled on their activities with other active members

Retention Tip #4: Make Communication Transparent within the members community

People feel more connected not because they have joined a fitness or yoga studio rather, they are likely to feel connected to people over similar vibes of getting healthier. Missing out on the sense of community interaction will lead them stay apart from your studio.

Make your members feel like they are a part of something bigger even if when you are connected online. Workshops, online interactions via video conferencing can make your members delighted.

You can create a sense of belonging through these initiatives:

  • Group activities: You can give your members certain fitness tasks to complete within a time period solely or in groups. This will make them feel a sense of connectivity between you and the members of the fitness studio.

  • Set up a common platform of discussion like a social media group featuring only members and staff or a feature on your fitness studio management software to keep them updated.

  • You can send your members emails, notification, health tips, offers and informative health blogs that lets them believe how much you care for your customers

  • Offer reward programs for their hard work. This could be memberships extensions, perks on referrals or free classes. This will make them feel the sense of achieving success while staying longer with your studio.

Retention Tip # 5: Let technology do its part

The fear of pandemic is still running over the brains and this must be the reason for you to propagate your intensity from physical to online applications.

You can boost your customer experience with the help of organized app that features scheduling, bookings, analyzing success and payments a much easier task for customers.

Also, you can save hassles for your clients by letting them know about your online offerings spot on. StudioBookings have customized application software that relishes the ease of managing your fitness or yoga studio management software.


You as a fitness expert or owner better understand the ways of coming back and retaining your customers while creating a healthy mix of effective marketing tactics, rewarding offers and intriguing membership plans. This leads to an unbeatable customer experience for your customers longing to grow with you.

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