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Android application is an open-source software platform that consists of an operating system, middleware, and built-in mobile applications based on the latest Linux version. Device vendors can further modify the Linux version to differentiate the products. 

Many Android apps have come to the market in the last few years. With the help of these android apps, we have made our life easier. Our day starts with an app and ends with an app; even the most minor thing can be possible through the android apps.�

There is tough competition between the android app development company to develop the latest and unique android app. People are becoming greedy as the new apps are releasing; they want more and more facilities through apps so that their work becomes more manageable.

If you are looking forward to developing an Android app, this blog can guide you to develop a fantastic android app. 

Given below are the 7 steps that you can consider before developing your android app.

  • Draw your idea on paper
  • Choose the right technology
  • Select the best option to develop your app
  • Choose an app builder to develop an app
  • Test your app
  • Publish your app on the app store
  • Regularly update your app

Draw your idea on paper

Before sketching your idea on a piece of paper, one needs to set a goal. Before selecting a destination, you need to search in the market and know about the latest technologies, and identify the competitors.

Here are the questions one should consider before setting goals. 

  • Who is your target audience? Your app should fulfill the needs of your target audience.
  • Which features can help you to keep your users engaged?
  • Find if any other app is doping the same
  • Please go through the competitors, see their reviews, get inspired, and get an idea for the app design
  • Will you monetize your app?

Design your app

Portraying your app’s base will give you an idea about the essential parts that you need to add to the app before developing and designing your app. In such a way, you will get an idea about where to place the key components and make them accessible for the users. This can also allow you to make changes or modify the sketch later. As a result, the changes in the sketch can be faster compared to the final app.

UI design

Your app’s look and feel play a vital role in the success of the app, and this is the only way your app interacts with the users. Therefore, the UI must be simple and unique. 


This is your user’s point of view. This can have an impact on how they visualize your firm. It must be logical. One must also remember that their users are going through your app on a small screen.

The design of your app must be in such a way that it looks attractive and simple for the users to use. If they find your app attractive, then they will find it interesting. 

Choose the right technology.

There are two technologies from where you can choose:

  1. Native apps
  2. Progressive web apps

1. Native apps

There were only 500 apps available on the play store when it started, but now there are 2.3 million apps present in the app store. This is because apps have now become a vital part of our life. 

Native apps report above 80%of mobile traffic. 

For iOS and Android native apps have always been in front of mobile development. There is a reason behind this method that provides honest and high performance that can enable you to use high-quality Native APIs and available features on smartphones or tablets. Developing an app with native code means that you’ll create individual output for different operating systems.

2. Progressive web apps

PWA is a combination of native and web technologies. As a result, they can have the look and feel of the native app. 

  • PWA doesn’t require downloading and adapting to mobile, or tablets, and desktop. 
  • Benefits from SEO are filed on search engine
  • PWA also workers offline
  • Almost 67% of web traffic comes from mobile; PWA makes sure that it is accessible over all devices. 

Select the best option to develop your app

Once you choose the technology to develop your android app now, it is time to choose among the options to develop your app.

Develop the app yourself

This option requires time and skills to develop the android app. Native apps run on specific platforms and require knowledge of multiple programming languages. Objective-C and Swift are for Apple development, Java and Kotlin for Android development. 

So, if you know about this, you will be allowed to develop the app yourself without any restrictions. 

Hire an agency or a freelance developer

If you have a good budget, it is good to choose an android app development company as they will provide you with all the facilities and develop the app according to your requirements.�

Although, hiring someone to develop your open app might sound costly. If you have proper resources, it is good to get the app as you have planned without any compromise. 

Use an app builder

Similar to the concept of builders like WordPress, an app builder is a tool that allows users to develop the app without any coding skills and upload the app on different app stores. This is a great option to save time and develop the app. 

You must keep in mind that not all apps can be developed on the app builder app; if your requirements are specific and complex, you need to go for a customized solution. 

Choose an app builder to create an app.

All of the essential decisions are taken, and now it is the to develop the android app. 

The process will depend on the method you have chosen to develop the android app. But if we assume that you have selected the app builder method to build the android app.

To develop the app through app builder, we’ll go through the following steps:

Design: There are many things to decide on this step, the color theme of the app, style of the header, navigation mode, the icon through which it will be represented on the store, home screen, splash screen, and many more. 

While selecting the design theme, one must make sure that the theme they have chosen allows you to modify the app as you want, and it is eye-catching and straightforward so that users could get attracted to your app. 

Before selecting, check the fonts, color, size of the theme and then set it. Look for the features you want are there or not. 

Content: It is the time to add everything you want in the application starting from the content to the images and videos you like to add. In some cases, you can add all the content in the backend manually, and in some cases, you will already find your content stored somewhere. 

Test your app

After adding all the content, features, and everything you want to add to the android app, it is time to check the android app you have developed. This is the most vital step of the app designing and development because if there is any error or bug in the design, it will affect the app. 

One needs to test the following things in the app:

  • Overall loading speed
  • No crashes when performing any action
  • Performance in poor connectivity
  • All functions respond to the task
  • Design is simple and acceptable by all devices
  • Navigation is efficient
  • No aspects of the app are hidden
  • App store description is self-explanatory

Some builders provide a test app that you can use to test your app’s dummy and can modify it. 

Publish your app on the app store

After all these steps, your app is ready to get published on the app stores. It is good to publish your app on different app stores so your app can reach various users.

Steps to publish your app on various app stores:

Developer’s account: To open a developer account to publish your app, then it can cost you $25 or else you can also have a Gmail account. You can post your app on the Google play store.

Google Play Store: Android provides different choices to distribute apps, with millions of active users. Google is the most premier platform for Android apps. 

Progressive Web Apps

Publishing PWA mobile apps are a lot simpler. You need to take care of the app’s hosting on a web server and link the web domain with it. This process is quick and easy, and you can have more time in optimizing your SEO 

Regularly update your app.

  • Regularly keep checking on the feedback and your app KPIs using the analytics tools provided by Google Play. 
  • Another thing to consider after publishing the app is you should keep checking on the regular technological updates. To keep your app updated depending on the technology. 
  • You can also update apps in-store as many times you want to edit. 
  • Your PWA apps can also be updated without limit and any resubmission constraints. 


So here are the 7 easy steps that can help you to get your android application. You can develop your android app by going through this blog. I hope this blog will guide you in the right way to develop your android app. You can also hire an android app development company to build your android app.  

I’ll be glad if this blog can help you in one or another way to get your app. 

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