5 Amazing Tips � How to Leverage Gamification Tactics in Digital Marketing?

Today, Games are prevalent in every individual life, from broad games to watch sports, competition, and reward incitements in a lot of our existence. And this is what drives several companies to adopt a specific form of games in their strategic techniques.  But the question arises, is it possible to incorporate gamification tactics in digital marketing?

Undeniably, you can implement gamification tactics in your online store. The overall success of digital marketing strategies entirely depends on how much user engagement can make a lot of it from these games.

Are you looking to leverage sales to boost audience engagement with gamification tactics in your digital marketing strategy? Firstly, let us describe what gamification is, then we’ll take in-depth insights on how you can leverage it to the next level.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of implementing user-engaging gaming elements into your digital marketing strategy. If you want to gamify your brand, your game needs to have fun-related tasks, destined goals, an intuitive user-interface that is easy to understand, learn, and play with tangible rewards.

The popular games that often incorporate into a brand experience include:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Augmented Reality Games
  • User-Engaging Content (Polls, Quizzes, Surveys)

Whenever you gamify your brand, you would not only increase brand awareness. As a result, you would also experience increased engagement. According to the collected information, engaging customers usually spend almost 23% or more with their anticipated brands than the regular customer. Furthermore, Gamification Tactics in Digital Marketing trends gather new customers with multiple parameters to proceed ahead. Despite this, 60% of customers say they would most possibly purchase from a brand in which they’re engaged with a specific game.

The notion of gamification in digital marketing is to increase user-engagement parameters, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately generate enormous sales. 

How to Use Gamification Tactics in Digital Marketing Strategies?

Each facet of a gamified digital marketing approach solely focuses on customer behavior. Ranging from specific “games,” you can boost specific habits in your potential consumers. The following are the top 5 gamification tips and tricks to leverage in digital marketing.

Understand Your Target Audience 

Before engaging your consumers, you need to understand the market needs of your target audience. You must have an in-depth understanding and idea of who your buyers are if you’ve incorporated in any digital marketing aspects.

Although, you must know what makes them engaged to the particular point? What makes them motivated in your market trends to buy a specific amount of goods or services? 

Suppose an idealistic customer might not find similar games as intuitive and engaging as a Generation X’er�making it a critical aspect of gamification in digital marketing campaigns. You might find a lot of trial-and-hit experiences. However, it assists you in finding an accurate method to identify and engage your customers.

Involvement of Research-Oriented Games

After you have acquired the idea and concept of your target customers and what intimates them to play, it’s usually a time to research for the seamless game. The sole purpose is to invest a certain amount of time identifying and understanding how such games positively impact user responsiveness.

For Example, a reward program is considered an amount of money someone spends with your brand. However, in such circumstances, this isn’t a feasible approach for conducting digital marketing campaigns.

Moreover, Reward Programs works best for businesses that focus on rapidly consumable items, such as food, coffee, or gasoline. You’ll need to search for a game that suits your company’s business requirements and what you usually provide them.

Research for Relevant Industries

There isn’t any wrong with approaching out multiple industries related to your personalization patterns. Indeed, diversification has contributed to much business to generate an enormous amount of ROI.

Similarly, the connection between both needs to make intellect to the potential customers. Otherwise, the practice could fail and build disconnected feels.

 For Instance, Nike+app is a health and fitness app that is massively growing out to obtain customer engagement and usability metrics. The foremost aspect that makes it more useful is how the fitness app keeps up your brand’s relevance to the target audience.

Stay Genuine with Rewards

Are you planning to build a point-based reward system, then you would possibly ensure that it’s sustainable. In spite, your digital marketing campaign would possibly fill up the bank account. 

If you are offering a free holiday to your email subscribers, that helps increase a mailing list. It would be costly over the possible timeframe if you offer it multiple times in a year.

Be aware of people who try to cheat the point-based system by logging up with more than one address. When talking about a reward-based system, you must ensure your budget and target customer in mind. Hence, you don’t need a game to be a success factor at your business expense.

Build an App at Your Own

Today, most companies incorporate mobile apps to gamify their marketing strategies. Due to the prevalence of handheld devices in modern-day society. And it entirely depends on how you elaborate your app, and they’re also affordable to develop on your own.

You must think about how to use mobile accounts for approximately 50% of internet accessibility worldwide. Building your business-oriented app keeps your brand influence in the pockets of your customers almost everywhere.

Seamlessly, the branded apps don’t need to focus on games themselves. Hence, they act as a tracking tool for points-based reward programs, and the sole purpose is that mobile apps have a place in the development of your customer behaviors, and you would possibly elevate success by building your app.

For Instance, myCred is an intuitive and useful points management system that enables users to develop and maintain a wide range of digital rewards, i.e., such as points, ranks, and badges on your WordPress WooCommerce-enabled site. myCred offers 3 ways by which admin can award their users, which are as follows:

  • Points � Adjust Events and Triggers to enable real-time monitoring and instantly awards your users with points.
  • Ranks � Adjust ranks with your leaderboards and awards your users with significant benefits after they reached a specific milestone
  • Badges � Improves the participation of users by rewarding them for their outstanding performance.

Furthermore, myCred offers a variety of premium as well as freemium add-ons. Some of them are as follows:

  • myCred Social Share � enables you to regularly award points to your users each time they share your posts on social media platforms.
  • myCred Social Proof – Lets you build your business’s credibility by allowing your site visitors to know about your registered users’ recent activities via real-time notifications. The notification pops up the site visitors of various activities such as posted comments, published content, and viewable videos.
  • myCred Progress Map – lets users to track their progress and view steps to achieve the specific badge. 

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, the overall purpose of building effective marketing campaigns is to engage your target customers. Not only everyone would find it a value to be in the specific game. You have to conduct a little research to develop a consumer base and search for a platform that works quite well for you. Hence, gamifying the experiences has an enormous amount of potential to increase sales, generate leads to celebrate your brand’s success.


Anas Dilshad is a Digital Marketing Expert in wpexperts.io. I like to spend my time reading books, and it develops my knowledge on various topics. It also helps me in connecting with the digital world. I love to create content on WordPress and WooCommerce to convert my experience into blogging.

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