Future of IT Industry In India: What Can You Expect In 10 Years?

As the IT sector in India matures, the focus of the IT companies is slowly shifting from being just a sales-oriented industry to one where technology and innovation are the focus of the company, rather than just providing the service. As IT companies are shifting their focus to technology, the profile of the IT professional is changing as well. The inflow of experienced candidates in the IT industry will continue to increase and the industry will see a rise in the number of Research and Development centers that will be created within the IT sector.?

Even 10 years down the line, the focus of the companies will continue to shift to an innovative and technology-based platform, which will enable the companies to learn and implement the latest trends in the industry and be able to provide better outputs to their clients.

Major Overhauls Expected in the IT Sector

The IT industry is currently going through one of its biggest churns ever, and it?s not at all clear how things will shake out. For starters, new technologies are changing the way we work. Cloud computing, mobile computing, and software-defined networking are three of the biggest trends in the industry right now.

The future of the IT industry in India is expected to be majorly overhauled over the next decade. This is due to the number of changes that have already begun to happen in the country and that are expected to happen, keeping in mind the global trends as well.

Working With AI on Decisions and Execution

IT companies are already in a position to devise several AI-based applications that will be used by the customers to make daily tasks easier.

For decision-making, we can use AI to identify the data and then use data science to discover insights and correlations. These insights and correlations will allow us to predict what is going to happen in the future, and then the AI can use machine learning to take the necessary steps in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Humans will partner with AI and cognitive systems to make decisions and execute them. In the next phase, machines, algorithms, and cognitive systems will offload a lot of work. This will result in huge changes that would have rather taken years, in just a matter of months.

What will further be developing in the Indian IT scene is advancement towards the mix of AI, IoT and robotics. 

Independent Teams on Ad Hoc Basis

There are quite a lot of changes that can be expected to be seen in the coming decade with mostly the change in the classic top-down approach. The focus will solely be on fulfilling business objectives.

Independent teams focus only on work. Such teams have been around in the IT industry for a while, but in the past, these were usually small teams, working in a controlled environment. As the industry becomes more competitive, the major players are looking at more and more ways to keep their edge. This allows them to manage their budgets and streamline their resources. This results in canceling out the middlemen and processes affecting work.

Middle Management

Research firm Gartner in its predictions for trends in the IT sector mentioned that the middle management in IT companies will gradually become redundant. Tight supervision results in depleting creativity and the ability to work in a cross-disciplinary manner. 

Technology is changing the workplace. As artificial intelligence and automation get advanced, middle management roles in the IT sector may become redundant. Currently, large companies such as Microsoft and Google are already on the path to reducing the number of management personnel due to the development of automated software systems.

Independent teams or teams that will be working on an ad hoc basis cut the need for middle management and doing so will also be beneficial to the organizations as it results in significant cost-cutting. 

Outsourcing has become a major in almost every role in the IT industry considering how an IT company in Vadodara can collaborate with an independently working team in Bangalore and easily get the work done.?

Steps Taken By the Government

  • The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology launched the MEITY Startup Hub in May 2019
  • The Indian government will be spending 9.4% in 2021 as a result of the Digital India initiative and has a focus on Research and Development and Innovation.
  • The Indian government released ?Simplified Other Service Provider? (OSP) guidelines in 2020 to improve the ease of doing business in the IT Industry, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and IT-enabled Services.
  • The Government now identifies Information Technology as one of the 12 main service sectors for which an action plan will be made. It has also set up a  5,000 crore rupee (USD 745.82 million) fund for the potential of the sector.
  • As part of Union Budget 2018-19, NITI Aayog was going to set a national level program for efforts in AI and to help leverage AI technology for this developing country of ours.

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