Is a Furniture Warranty Really Worth It?

When anyone buys furniture, the salesperson offers an additional furniture protection plan. Initially, the very first thing that comes into the buyer?s mind is, “Is this something really needed or does the salesperson want to gain some extra money on the purchase? Here is everything you need to know about the furniture warranty plans, and we will also discuss whether these plans will be helpful or not, and if they will be helpful , then in what cases? So let’s discuss this. 

Let me first tell you , what is a furniture warranty? Generally, The furniture warranty plan offers repair from the Rustic Furniture manufacturer if anything happens to your furniture. Normally, these furniture warranties or protection plans are priced at a percentage of the actual cost of the product and fulfilled directly by the manufacturer. 

A furniture warranty always gives a customer peace of mind, but how? Let me explain. A furniture warranty works just like we take care of our body, our precious home, and our most favorite car by insuring it. So as we protect all these things, we also protect our furniture in the same way by taking a furniture warranty.

Does Furniture Warranty Worth It? 

Yes! In some cases, buying furniture with a furniture protection plan can be a wise investment. So, in that case, you will have the satisfaction that your furniture is protected. A protection plan or furniture warranty can be worth the investment. Basically, we are describing some cases when the furniture warranty plans are actually worth :

  • If you are planning to buy the most expensive furniture  

Expensive furniture always carries a risk . If it gets damaged, you will need to pay more money to get it repaired or, in some cases, replace it, so in that case, if you have furniture warranty plans or furniture protection plans against it, it will be helpful for you to get it repaired without paying extra money.

  • If you have pets in your home,

If you have pets in your lovely home, this is the main reason that you should buy a furniture warranty plan along with the furniture, as the pets can chew up the legs and fabric of any sofa set, recliner, or upholstered chair. So, with the pets in the family, furniture may be damaged, and if it happens, you should have a furniture warranty plan to replace or repair it.

  • To guard against accidental damage to furniture

Accidents can happen everywhere, so it is possible that your furniture can be damaged accidentally. So maybe a small portion of the furniture is broken, so in that case, also looking for a warranty plan will be a worthwhile investment. 

  • If you have kids in your home,

Kids may be rough on new furniture as they can spill any food or beverage on the fabric or may tear it out with any sharp tool. If you have small children in your lovely home, a furniture warranty plan will be a worthwhile investment.

  • If a product is damaged during shipping 

Everything can never be perfect in any case, so everything should be done to the best of our ability. So, if the furniture is damaged before delivery or during shipping, you will be relieved if you use the furniture warranty plans, but this is dependent on the specifics of the plan.

So, above mentioned, are some reasons why you should purchase a furniture warranty plan along with the furniture. But there is also an important question: “What exactly are you getting with your warranty plan? That’s something you should always ask before buying these furniture warranty plans. 

To get an answer to this particular question, first of all, you should do a thorough examination of all the related terms and conditions. For example, what type of damage will this warranty plan cover or what does the plan not cover and for what period of time will the plan last?

                        And last, if you have decided to purchase a furniture warranty plan, you must read the fine print, terms and conditions of the document, make a photocopy with your signature, and keep it safe. 

If anything confusing happens in the matter, you can look back at the paperwork and file your claim and get your furniture repaired or replaced. By now, by enveloping all this information  you’ll be able to make decisions for each and every individual’s purchase of furniture.

Where to Buy Furniture in India?

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Every order is prioritized because we understand how important it is to our customers.Our customer care support is always there to help you out. Apart from the product , we also offer some extra perks to our customers like client care, customization, and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) facilities. 

So you can enjoy your purchase without worrying about your investments. At “SUREN SPACE”, we also offer some furniture warranty plans so you will have an easy way to care for your furniture. We are always here to make you happy and satisfied with your purchase.

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