Fun Games You Can Play With Your Dog

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Throughout the years, the majority of the pet owners have struggled with the problem of their dogs dashing away to someone else�s yard. Well, not only is it troublesome but also risky as well. Many dog professionals suggest that increasing the amount of time you spend with your dog can help solve this issue.

Dogs are social creatures; they love being around people they like. As a pet parent, the least you can do is to spend quality time with them. So, here are some fun game ideas listed down for you so that you can enjoy them with your dog for the time being-

1.Tug of war (with your dog)

Take a tug toy and make it a medium. The game of tug of war is one of the most enjoyable activities for a dog. Dogs love it; it’s engaging, involves physical exercise, and brings in a sense of competition in your dog. Once you start playing the game with your dog, there�s no going back.

2.Play Frisbee

Playing frisbee is a simple catch and return game with your dog but with a frisbee toy. Frisbee is an advanced level of fetch which your dog might be already used to. However, a frisbee can make it run a longer distance and involve more physical activity. The game inhibits a drive to chase and makes your dog love it even more.

3.Water games

Going to a beach with your doggie is extremely exciting if you�re a dog lover. Dogs love to play around with water. However, don�t forget to bring your dog�s life jacket; it’s one of the things you should always be aware of. Sometimes even a nice warm bath in your local pool can be enough to induce fun into your activities.

4.Finding the treat

One of the best ways to improve your d5ogs physical and mental health at the same time is by playing �find the treat’ with him. The game involves positive reinforcement and helps your dog to search for food in a fun way. Find a few hiding spots and place the treat into different places each time. Now, be ready to witness some serious sniffing abilities for the next few minutes.

5.Hide and seek

The strange part of this game is that your dog absolutely loves it no matter how many times you play it. Hide and seek is one of the easiest ways to involve physical activities through fun and games. The best part- you don�t even have to be outdoors to have fun with your dog for this.

6.Teach him to help in your chores

You must have already seen how well-trained dogs assist their masters in several errands on the internet. Well, as adorable as it looks, it also takes a bit of hard work to achieve that. With proper practice and a good training regime, even your dog can learn to do those things. Playing interactive games that promote its training is a clever way to keep him engaged.

7.Teach him to grab his leash

Teach your dog to follow commands; obedient dogs are more fun to be with. Teach them to grab their own leash when they�re set free. This reduces the chances of them escaping into foot traffic. However, if you�re already suffering from this problem, there are several technologies, including dog cameras, GPS collars, and options for best electric dog fence that help keep your dog confined within your lawn.

Physical activity and fun games can elevate the connection and bonding between you and your pet. Dogs love to spend time with their master, but making the time more fun and interesting is something you should always be looking for.


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