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If you’re searching for an architect, just go to the site. You just need to type your needs in the search box. Once you’ve added desired keywords on the search bar, a fast search engine shall gather relevant information from the site database. You can also find the contact details of the most popular and renowned architects. Some of them are listed below:

H Afzal Khan is a prolific and skilled professional architect. He has been acknowledged as the Best Young Professional Architect in Asia (JEE) 2021 and has won several awards for his contribution to architecture. As a young professional, he started his career working in different firms in Delhi. After that, he joined his own architectural practice.

What is architecture simple words?

Most of the famous and well-known architectural names in the world have their best architect in Pakistan. They include both Indian and foreign companies. A prominent name in this industry is Bichat Engineering, which has branches in major cities. These days, Bichat is regarded as the most preferred name of any professional architect who wants to establish his own firm or expand his present one. The main aim of all the prominent architects is to create new ideas and creations using the latest technical innovations and tools. As such, they are always involved in the practices of architectural engineering.

One can easily locate an architect by searching through online resources. You can check out the profile of any reputed and experienced architect online by visiting online directory websites. These online directories provide complete details on all the professionals, who are associated with this field. By going through the listed details and contact information, you can easily locate any individual or group that can guide you in making an appropriate choice of suitable architect for your house plan.

What is the main purpose of architecture?

These online directories have a wide list of architects in Islamabad from where you can make a final and informed decision. Some of these websites also provide you with the option of viewing photographs and floor plans of these professionals. These architects also offer house consulting services to those people who prefer to consult their service without hiring their services. These professionals also suggest you with regard to the best location of your house and the best possible structures that can suit your lifestyle.

In order to find the best qualified and professional architect, it is very important to conduct proper research. It is important to know the experience of each and every architect, who is associated with these firms. You must first know that the term architect refers to different professionals like principal architect, consultant, structural engineer, etc. according to the location of a country, the role of these professionals may vary. A principal architect is responsible for planning and designing residential and commercial buildings.

Who is known as architect?

The job of a structural engineer is not only limited to the building of residential and commercial buildings but also includes renovating old monuments and buildings, new construction, and alterations. On the other hand, a consultant has to be an expert in the field of environmental and energy management. He must have the required expertise to redesign the energy and environmental policies of a country. He is responsible for analyzing the present structure and environment and developing a suitable blueprint for the same. For example, if we want to build a style home in Islamabad or any other country, then we need to hire the services of an experienced and competent architect who specializes in residential and commercial architecture.


You can also make use of some websites on the internet to search for an experienced and well-qualified professional architect. Some websites offer a free platform to post your project on the internet and attract the attention of various professionals from international countries. Moreover, such websites help you communicate with overseas professionals while offering job openings. To get started with the process of looking for an architect, click here.

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