Forklifts Need Warning Lights for Safety

forklift safety light online

Lift trucks or forklifts move across vast areas in warehouses and dockyards. These machines are built to carry heavy equipment, making them essential for various logistical operations in the world. It is natural for them to be carry loads in a safe manner, which is why it is beneficial to install safety lights. Considering the sizes of the equipment being loaded and the presence of pedestrians, safety is extremely important.

Large Scale of Operation

Logistical operations are invariably carried out on a large scale. This can become extremely tough during poor light conditions or in the night unless companies purchase or rent forklift safety light online. Just like the lights, other parts also need to be in good condition for successful tasks. The forklift operators plays a very important role, checking warning lights, cylinder heads, cameras, radiators, and other equipment on a daily basis.

forklift safety light online

Using Red and Blue Zone Lights

Red forklift warning lights are meant to warn pedestrians of a forklift in the vicinity and thereby prevent chances of injuries. In fact, pedestrians have to be particularly wary of the heavy rear swing arms of these machines. The red zone lights, in conjunction with blue zone lights, are both parts of the forklift?s pedestrian warning system.

These lights are also helpful when the forklifts are coming out of blind corners.  Although the maximum speed of a forklift ranges from a mere 3-8 mph, it still can be very difficult to get out of their path at the last moment.

Apart from the regular red and blue lights, there are also light bars for better visibility at night. These light bars are also available in LED form and can be found on diesel trucks as well. 

Equipment Quality

It is important to purchase or rent forklift equipment such as LED light bars and red zone lights from reputed vendors. This will ensure that they are durable for a standard length of time and continue to provide proper illumination. If the LEDs are not of good quality, there are always chances of then overheating easily, thereby reducing intensity of light.

Purchasing Lights at Discounted Prices

Along with lights, companies requiring forklift operations are likely to place orders for several forklift parts such as radiators, wireless cameras, masts, and more in bulk, whether for rent or purchase. Large orders often make these companies eligible for major discounts, though the nature of these discounts will vary. Businesses may even be eligible to ask for custom cases in certain cases.

Forklift warning light are available in both halogen and LED forms, with the latter being more expensive. The extra money guarantees a longer life, and supplier discussions still may result in attractive prices. Negotiations are aided by knowledge about market conditions and current part prices in the market. 

What Does OSHA Have to Say?

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has not devised a particular rule to state that forklifts have to be compulsorily equipped with warning lights. However, the General Duty Clause here states than an employer is authorized to install visual safety devices to prevent the clause?s violation. By not getting this done, the employer could be liable to pay a $12,934 as a penalty fee to OSHA for every violation.??

Design Innovations for Forklift Safety Lights

Better technologies in every field make operations easier in every field, and logistics is no different. Various forklift part manufacturers are constantly incorporating innovative designs in their products. One such innovative safety product is a hybrid light, which offers new technology at an affordable price. Such a product can be used either as a ceiling tracking light or as a blue light after being installed on a forklift. The ceiling lights are most helpful in identifying the location of a truck hidden among racks and shelves.

Innovations are not for forklift lights, but for other material management systems also. The loading dock is becoming more technology-friendly over time, and logistics operations are making extensive use of automation. One of the latest developments for dock safety is the use of motion sensor-based systems. These can play a massive in eliminating the risk of collisions between forklifts and pedestrians.????

Mounting the Forklift Safety Lights

Forklift warning lights are commonly installed at the rear or the front of the lift truck, although they could be used to create an illumination zone on the sides. Certain sides of the vehicle need to be protected more than others, and so illumination needs to be present on the sides here.?

Compared to others types of lights, red LED area warning lights are the easiest to install. As mentioned above, forklift warning lights play greater roles in the night than the day. However, in cases of low visibility in areas such as warehouses or even outdoors, the lights should be used. None of the operations can be carried out in a stress-free manner without safety in this form


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