Foot Care is more Important Than You Know

Do you know that the health of your feet is directly related to your all-round health? Do you know ignoring foot pain can cost you adversely? And, do you know feet check-up at regular intervals is a must? You may find it absurd, but just like every vital organ of the body, feet too deserve sheer care, and any negligence can put you in hot water. 

After all, they constitute approximately 50 bones, 60 joints, 200 muscles, ligaments and tendons. Want to know more? Continue reading and find out why it’s time to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist in Houston.

Three Major Reasons You Must Value Foot Care

1. For a better life: Yes, that’s right. Your everyday life is a journey of walking, running, going to work, fulfil the shopping needs, and for those who like to shake a leg, dancing is an integral part of their routine. Talking about the fitness freaks, a workout is impossible if feet are not at their best. But none of these activities can be done with ease if your feet are not healthy.

2. To stay at bay from diseases: Feet that hurt stop you from engaging in physical activities, thus, possibilities of fatal health conditions are obvious.

3. For a happy state of mind: If you are confined to sitting or lying throughout the day, as your feet don’t let you stand or walk, there will come a point when frustration makes its way into your life. A frustrated mind is miles away from feeling happy.

Tips to Care for Your Feet

1. Make sure to keep your feet clean

First things first, no matter how hectic your schedule is or how tired you are, maintaining good hygiene is the key to clean feet. Not only you need to wash your feet while bathing but drying them properly is also important.

2. Never share your footwear

Sharing is good but sharing footwear is harmful. The reason being, when you wear someone else’s footwear, chances of infection develop.

3. Always wear the right footwear

Wearing the wrong shoes puts you at risk of suffering from foot problems like arch spasms, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, etc. Avoid tight shoes and opt for the ones that have enough space for your toes to feel comfortable.

4. Do not walk barefoot

Besides getting your feet dirty, you move closer to bruises, bumps, and cracked feet if you walk barefoot. All these conditions aggravate further, and you find yourself in pain.

5. Check your feet regularly

The feet must be examined once a week. The purpose is to check for peeling or scaling other than blisters, redness, cuts, swelling, and scratches. Another thing to look at is if there is any form of discoloration on the toenails, signifying fungus.

6. Diabetic patients must get their feet regularly checked

Wound healing of diabetic patients is time taking as compared to others. Hence, these people must ensure regular check-ups to get immediate treatment if there is any wound.

7. Trim your toenails

Keep your toenails straight across and avoid keeping them too short. This prevents the nails from breakage along with reducing chances of ingrown nails.

Reasons Behind Unhealthy Feet

·         Poorly fitting footwear

·         Chronic health issues like osteoporosis, diabetes, back pain, cardiovascular disease

·         Stressed bones

·         Aching muscles

·         Conditions like corns, toe deformities, calluses

·         Fungal infection in toenails

Why Visiting a Podiatrist in Houston is Better than Self Treatment

Only a professional can perform their job better than anyone else. Having said that, identifying the exact feet problem, finding its root cause, and recommending the best treatment can be best done by a podiatrist. Taking the matter into your hands will not only delay the treatment but also deteriorate the problem further.

When you visit an expert, he will carefully check your feet and suggest the best way out, be it physical medicine or some medical procedure. With years of experience and vast knowledge, he will treat the condition, bring down the pain and try his best to bring your feet back to normal without surgery. Also, if there’s any disorder related to the foot and ankle musculoskeletal system, an expert is the best help.

Start Feet Care Today

Better now than never! So, if you have been playing with your feet’ health, it’s time to give them due respect and care for them. Following the tips mentioned above will help you protect your feet from any form of damage, injury and disease. Whenever you feel any discomfort or notice something not looking right, visit a podiatrist in Houston immediately and start with the right treatment.

Besides adopting these tips and growing your knowledge about feet care, let your loved ones know about these facts too because sharing is caring unless you share footwear.

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