Top 10 Food To Consume After Knee Replacement Surgery

A knee replacement surgery is suggested for a patient who experiences severe knee pain and swelling in their knee joint. In a knee replacement surgery, the damaged part of your knee is replaced with an artificial joint or Prosthesis. After a knee replacement surgery, your orthopedic surgeon?will ask you to follow some suggestions given by your knee replacement surgeon to recover faster and without any complications after the surgery.

Your orthopedic surgeon will suggest you increase the consumption of certain foods and dietary supplements in your diet after the knee replacement surgery. The diet can include vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian foods. Although you can always prefer these diets in your food to keep your bones and joints stronger. You can also read about the process and recovery of knee replacement surgery by the knee replacement surgeons.

 In this blog, we are going to tell you about the top 10 food you can consume after knee replacement surgery which will help you to recover faster and without any complications. Let?s talk about these foods one by one and know how they can benefit us after knee replacement surgery.

  1. Yogurt (Dahi)

One of the best foods to add to your diet after knee replacement surgery is Yogurt. Some patients are given antibiotics after the surgery which also disturbs the good bacteria inside the gut. These good bacteria are regained by the yogurt in the gut.

Benefits ? the yogurt has zinc and protein which promotes the healing and repairing of joints.

  • Clear fluids

Clear fluids are the best source of nutrients to maintain your digestive system. After the surgery, the patients are suggested to take clear fluids first before starting any diet. These fluids include coconut water, grape juice, apple juice, etc.

Benefits ? Clear fluids have a lot of nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for your bones and muscles surrounding the knee.

  • Berries

To recover faster in no time, patients are advised to eat berries. Berries include blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, etc. these berries are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.

Benefits ? Berries help to build the immune system stronger and fight infection after knee replacement surgery.

4. Meat and Seafood

Meats and seafood are great sources of protein and essential fatty acids respectively. Seafood includes fatty fish such as salmonella, sardine, tuna, etc. fish are a great source of essential fatty acids that are even suggested before the surgery so that the bones of the patients remain strong.

Benefits ? Meat and fishes promotes the healing process after the surgery. They also prevent infection and decrease inflammation in the joints.

         5. Green leafy vegetables

Vegetables are a good source of antioxidants and fiber. Some green leafy vegetables that are beneficial after knee replacement surgery are broccoli, spinach, cabbage, kale, etc.

Benefits ? green leafy vegetables promote digestion. It helps a person deal with seasonal changes and allergies a person is prone to after the surgery.

        6. Vitamin ? C

Vitamin ? C enriched food includes oranges, lemon, kiwi, and other citrus foods. But some people are allergic to some specific nutrient, mineral, or fruit. You should look after this before going for eating these citrus foods.

Benefits ? Vitamin C is enriched in minerals that are helpful in forming collagen in the body. It also provides lubrication between the joints and helps a patient to walk easily after the surgery.

      7. Protein-rich diet

Protein-rich diet includes a large number of food items. It includes cottage cheese, beans, eggs, fish and poultry. A protein-rich diet is essential after any type of surgery. your doctor may slowly allow you to eat a proper diet rich in protein after the liquid diet.

Benefits ? Protein- rich diet helps in the rebuilding of bones and muscles. It also helps to strengthen the immune system that fights against any type of infection.

      8. Calcium-enriched food

Some food that is rich in calcium such as milk, cheese, fortified seeds, tofu, etc. is some of the other food that is also important for patients who undergo knee replacement surgery. Apart from our bones, our heart, muscles and nerves also function depending upon the calcium in the body. So, calcium is one of the most important minerals that help after knee replacement surgery.

Benefits ? An orthopedic surgeon suggests consuming 600 to 1000 milligrams of calcium a day. Along with proteins, it helps in the formation and reconstruction of bones.

         9. Vitamin D

Vitamin d along with calcium acts as the best source of Calcium. Vitamin D is obtained directly from the sun. A small amount of Vitamin d can also be obtained from the seafood. However, getting Vitamin D directly from the sun is very difficult so your orthopedic surgeon will suggest some Vitamin D enriched supplements.

Benefits ? Vitamin D helps our body to utilize and absorb Calcium which is essential for the formation of bones.

       10. Fiber

The medicines that are suggested after knee replacement surgery can affect your digestive system and cause major problems of indigestion. For this reason, your orthopedic doctor will suggest you increase the consumption of fiber. Fruits, juices and sprouts are considered the best fiber-enriched food.

Benefits ? Fiber helps in easy digestion and helps to maintain your bowel moment after knee replacement surgery. it also helps in quick recovery.

These are some of the best top 10 foods suggested after knee replacement surgery by your orthopedic surgeon. These foods are a great source of nutrients and minerals that helps in faster healing.

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