Foam Cannon vs Foam Guns: What’s the Difference?

car detailing foam guns
car detailing foam guns

During the initial step of the DIY car washes, both the foam cannon and the foam gun are utilized to swiftly cover a car with foam.

There is some controversy as to whether they are genuinely beneficial to the process. Detractors argue that they provide little value while consuming the majority of your soap. You never would scrub a car without first smothering it in a foamy pile of suds from one of the other machines.

Although they share a similar purpose in hand, which is to coat your automobile in soap froth, they use distinct water delivery mechanisms to get the liquid to the foam container. The foam pistol connects to a regular garden hose, while the foam cannon connects to a high-pressure nozzle. As it reaches the foam canister, this provides the foam cannon more force, swirling the soap up even more giving you a higher concentrate of soap bubbles and foam for the cleaning procedure.

Overview of the Foam Gun

The foam gun is the less complicated of the 2 devices. While the cannon and the gun have certain differences, their goal is the same: to make it easier and more productive to wash the grime and dirt that accumulates on your automobile or another vehicle. It eliminates the necessity to take your vehicle to a costly car wash, allowing you to clean your vehicle anytime you choose and controlling the quantity of foam and soap used.

How the Foam Gun Runs

The soap-filled foam gun fits to the end of a normal garden hose. The liquid is pumped into the foam gun through the hose, agitating the soap and creating a soapy foaming. When the car detailing foam guns button is pulled, the foam is blasted onto the car, totally covering it. This, at least according to foam gun users, provides a deeper and more complete clean. 

It does, or in the very least, guarantee that you get suds all over the car, which should make cleaning it easier. Following the application of the foam, the foam cannon normally enables you to change to pure water, thereby bypassing the foam container and directing water directly from the hose to the automobile.

Overview of the Foam Cannon

The foam cannon is thought to be the stronger of the two types. The goal in both situations is to get soapy suds on the car’s surface. This will eliminate grime and dirt from the car, which will then be washed away when you spray the soapy foam off the car in the next procedure.

How the Foam Cannon Runs

The only major variation between these 2 gadgets is that a foam cannon uses a pressure washer instead of an ordinary garden hose. Water is delivered at a significantly higher pressure with pressure washers. Walls, floors, and a number of other surfaces are all cleaned using them. 

They are normally regarded too strong to wash the car on their own, without even any attachments, because they can harm the paintwork, generate chips, and leave the automobile vulnerable to rust and other problems. However, when using a foam cannon, the water is combined with the soap before being given to the car, ensuring that water is not fired at high pressure.


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