Considerations when Buying Flowers

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    Before you start buying any flowers in the Philippines, you need to make sure that you?re doing the right kind of planning. You don?t just simply walk into a florist, or visit an online flower shop and then choose the flower that you have in mind ? it takes much more than that. For example, you?ll want to have an idea of what kind of flower to give and who to give it to. It?s important that you get all of these factors right so that you can get the right intentions across to the right person. Here are some considerations you may want to look into before buying.

    Type of Event

    Let?s say it?s Valentine?s Day. You?ll find that red roses are everywhere around you. This flower has been the symbol of love and romance for many centuries now, and it?s no surprise that you?ll find them in abundance during this season. On every Valentine?s Day celebration, a gift of a red rose is acceptable ? but this isn?t necessarily the case when it comes to other occasions.

    With this in mind, it?s important that you tailor your gift of flowers to the kind of event that you?re aiming for. Not all occasions beg for lovely, long-stemmed roses after all. For example, if you?re thinking about expressing your condolences after a departed loved one, carnations found in memorial wreaths are your best bet. Different kinds of celebrations exist ? make sure that you choose the appropriate flower to accompany them.

    Kind of Flowers

    In much the same way that you?ll want to get the type of event right, you?ll also need to make sure that you know the kind of flower that you?re buying. Each flower holds different meanings that are better expressed with the right circumstances.

    When you?re celebrating your anniversary with your partner, for example, red and white roses are much more meaningful. If you want to mend a broken friendship with someone, then a sunflower can do the trick.

    Although this may not be the case in every type of situation. It?s ultimately dependent on you and your creativity to choose the flower which you think the person will best appreciate.

    Quality of Flowers

    We put so many meanings into gift-giving. Whether we want to express our love for our significant other, or just let someone know we?re thinking about them, giving them a thoughtful present is something that they?ll certainly appreciate.

    When you?re planning on giving someone flowers as gifts, you?d also want to make sure that they receive it in good condition. A simple way of gauging floral quality is by examining the petals. Do they seem fresh, or are they already wilted? You may also want to check out the stems. If they?re still sturdy enough to stand in place, then this is a good indicator that they?ve been meticulously-picked and cared for by the florist.

    After you buy the flower, it?s now all in your hands to determine if it gets to your intended receiver in good condition. As much as possible, you?ll want to immediately put the flower inside a vase that?s filled with water to retain its quality and appearance.


    Flowers are some of the most beautiful, yet delicate gifts out there. Before you make a purchase, you may want to ask yourself: ?Can I carry this flower, or bouquet of flowers around, without destroying its quality??. Fortunately, buying flowers from an experienced florist can guarantee its quality.

    Florists use a wide variety of packaging when wrapping, storing, and delivering their merchandise. You?ll typically find bouquet displays that are wrapped in a decorative film, mesh, or fabric. They may also offer other sturdier box packaging options, depending on the type of floral arrangement that you choose.

    You need to make sure that you buy your flowers only from a well-experienced florist that knows how to take care of them. Find someone who knows how to carefully wrap and arrange different types of flowers according to their requirements.


    Much like fruits, flowers also bloom according to their seasonality. In a tropical country such as the Philippines, it?s fairly easy to keep track of the two seasons ? wet and dry.

    However, there are some flowers that stay in bloom all-year round ? you may want to take note of this the next time you visit your local florist, or an online flower delivery shop. Some of these flowers include the sampaguita, ilang-ilang, sampaguita, and the bougainvillea.

    Or, if you want to learn more about the other flowers in season in the country, you could always ask your trusty florist. They?ll be able to provide you with invaluable information on the best types of flowers to give during any season.

    Key Takeaway

    Buying flowers in the Philippines is not really a difficult task to do, as long as you know the factors to look for. Despite their beauty, flowers are in need of delicate care and attention ? make sure that you buy only from reputable flower shops that know how to properly care for them.

    On your end, the type of flowers you choose can affect your intentions. Different flowers hold different meanings, so if you truly want to get your message of sympathy or love across, understanding these nuances is essential.

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