How To Convert PDF Files To Grayscale Using The Flashscan App

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    PDF files are often our first choice when it comes to working with different types of documents. It is an easy and Universal format that everyone adopts to work smoothly. A smart PDF scanner app turns your documents in PDF and makes it available anytime anywhere.

    However, a brilliant PDF file converter also offers various filters that can enhance PDF scans. And this article dedicatedly presents one such app to ease out your everyday scanning tasks. But before knowing about the app let’s first understand why we all choose PDF formats.

     Convert Your PDFs With A Grayscale For Classic Office-look

     Mostly, people prefer a grayscale filter to give classic appeal to the documents. Find out how you can do it with one of the best PDF file converters.             

    Why PDF File Formats Are So Widespread?

    The PDF file format is one of the most popular file formats in use today. It has numerous astonishing benefits over other common file formats such as Word or Powerpoint documents. Here are a few benefits of it.

    1. The PDF file format is portable: Users can easily transport or move the files around without having to bother about any dependencies. Once a PDF file is generated, it can be quickly shared and the fonts, images, and formatting included in it will be moved with it.
    2. PDF formats are Omnipresent: The PDF file format is being used by everyone. A PDF file can work well on Windows, Mac, Linux, and any other system easily.
    3. A PDF file is very secure: It is very easy to safeguard a PDF file. Once a PDF file is password-protected, it can only be seen if you enter the right password.
    4. PDFs are smaller in size: The PDF file format enables you to reduce the file-size of a file by decreasing its quality.
    5. PDFs are professional: The PDF has a professional appeal and most of the time we use it to all the important places.

    Why Do We Need A PDF File Converter?

    A PDF file converter provides absolute ease to convert any documents into a PDF file format. There are many such apps and you should choose an image to PDF converter that transforms the file format accurately.

    Out of many such popular apps, we recommend you to go for the FlashScan app. It is renowned for its fastest document scanning capabilities. But apart from that, this app is a digital wonder that changes file formats in a flash. Download the FlashScan app and get a go-to scanning solution for your routine life.

    • It scans every type of document in a few seconds. You can scan old bills, photos, invoices, receipts etc with FlashScan app.
    • This app offers OCR which reads the text from the image and gives translation assistance also.
    • The app accurately reads QR and Barcodes and lets you share it easily.
    • With Sort By feature you can sort papers with Name and Modification time.

    How To Convert PDF Files Into Grayscale With FlashScan?

    How To Convert PDF Files To Grayscale Using The Flashscan App

    Follow these below-mentioned steps to convert your file format and to use Grayscale.

    • First Of all Install the FashScan app.(If you haven?t)
    • Now choose the PDF file that you want to convert into a Grayscale. However, if you are yet to transform the file into PDF, FlashScan also does that with absolute ease.
    • Choose any document and with a single tap, you can convert it into a PDF. You can pick the document from your gallery or you can directly take a photo of the paper.
    • Once you achieve a clear PDF, you can go to the filters of the FlashScan app. This app offers various filters like Greymode, Magic colors, Black and White 1,2, etc.
    • Now to apply the Grey mode to your documents, just choose the document and from filters, pick greyscale! That’s it! Your document is now wearing a classic Grey appeal.

    Why Scan In Grayscale?

    Grayscale is the most commonly used scale for scanning. However, there are reasons for its charm.

    • Grayscale is the ultimate format if you want to present your papers with a professional look.
    • It is a general format that is used by students, professionals, businessmen, etc.
    • The Grayscale scanning catches the natural state, coloring, texting & shading of any content.
    • When you transform photos into a Grayscale it provides a detailed photographic profile.
    • Presents a timeless professional appeal that is adopted Universally.

    The FlashScan?s grayscale is unmatchable and you can effortlessly use it to transform PDF files. Want to give your documents a timeless professional appeal? Use FlashScan.

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