Hazards of Fixing Water Heater Switch Without a Professional Technician

Fixing Water Heater Switch

There is a need to heat water in every home in the U.S. This is why you will find a water heater. Issues arise when the water heater stops working suddenly. Some homeowners may see reasons to repair or replace the water heater switch without calling a professional. Do not try doing it if you need help understanding the risks and procedures for removing or installing a new switch. Electricity is extremely dangerous and can cause death or permanent damage to your body. It is safer to always call in a qualified electrician to get this fixed. Here are some of the hazards of trying to fix this issue.

Risks of Fixing Water Heater Switch Without a Technician

It is quite understood that life without a working water heater can be frustrating. However, to get your heater working again, patiently call a technician who specialized in fixing water heater switch issues. 

  1. Fire Danger

A water heater switch takes more current than a normal light switch. Water heater switches have a 20A rating and above. At the same time, a normal switch could have about a 10A rating. Since more current flows through the switch, a loose connection, improper installation, or even wire corrosion would lead to extremely high levels of electrical resistance at the contact points, unlike the normal switches. This resistance disperses power as heat energy. Therefore, there is every possibility of burning or melting the switch, and the heat could trigger an electric fire.

Improper Installation

Trying to install a heater switch yourself could lead to an improper installation. A poor installation can lead to a short circuit. And short circuit conditions may cause different circuit breakers to trip. When this happens, you may only be able to reset the circuit breakers once a professional has fixed the fault. Before the issue is fixed, you may lose power to some or all of the circuits in the home. It can also lead to stray voltage on the conductive surfaces of the heater. This is hazardous when contacted with an energized surface. It can make the current run through the human body. 

The Danger of Electric Shock

You risk an electric shock when you fix the heater switch. Electric shock can damage the nervous system, burn the skin, and cause cardiac arrest if it flows through the body. An electric current run through live wires in the heater switch when a circuit is energized. And when touched, the current can flow through the body. Hiring an electrician or HVAC technician is the solution to these hazards. 


So, what are you supposed to do when your water heater switch goes bad? If you find yourself in a situation like this, do not tamper with the switch unless you are a professional or know the risks and procedure for resolving the issue. Save yourself from the dangers and get a technician in your neighbourhood to get this fixed for you. In an emergency, move your household from the point of the damage and wait until a professional show up.


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