Five useful post-party cleaning tips to remember

A few hours spent entertaining guests will give you priceless memories to last a lifetime. Life is always better when you get to share it with other people. But, once the party?s over, you?re faced with the inevitable mess. Maybe even a hangover, but that?s the price we?re all willing to pay after a great party. Therefore, you can prepare an action plan for handling the post-party mess before you even send the RSVPs to your friends. Here are some useful tips to easily diffuse a post-party mess.?

Prepare all your cleaning supplies in one place

A few days before the party, write down a list of cleaning supplies and tools you might need. Assess your current cleaning supplies inventory and restock. Once you have everything you might need from disinfectants, fresh mops, dustpan, furniture and all-purpose cleaner, microfiber cloths and trash bags, put it all in one container. 

This way you?ll have easy access to cleaning supplies even during the party. Let?s be honest, wine glasses will be spilt and cracked. It?s always best if you have an action plan ready, so you?ll be mentally prepared for every possible outcome. Paper towels are also a handy accessory to keep nearby to easily 

Tackle the disposables first

Once you say goodbye to the last guest, it?s time to get into something more comfortable and put the trash away first. Your goal is to clear any surface from the trash and disposables. Empty bottles, either glass or plastic, disposable paper plates and plastic cups, broken glasses or any other container that can easily be trashed, put all in plastic bags. To disinfect all surfaces and assess any possible damage, you need to tackle the clutter first. 

You might even find a few sets of keys or wallets or anything else the guests will inevitably leave behind. Make sure to put these somewhere safe, so you?ll be able to return these to their rightful owners. 

If there?s anything that can be repurposed or reused, put it all in one pile. Once you clear out the disposables, you?ll get a clear picture of what you need to clean next.

Assess any damage (and try not to cry a river)

If you have just a few people over, there probably won?t be any risk of permanent damage. Even if someone does spill wine on the carpet or furniture, you?ll all jump to the rescue and eliminate the stain immediately. But, if you?re having a large group of people over, chances are the person who spills the wine on the carpet, might just ignore the issue. 

But, once you clear out the disposables, you?ll easily notice the damage or stains made to your carpet or furniture. This is not the time to panic, it?s time to act. People in Australia love throwing parties, so they?re used to calling a carpet cleaning Newcastle service the morning after. The key in such situations is to keep you cool and call a professional who?ll know how to clean out the stain while preserving the carpet and restoring its previous glory.

Clean room by room

Now that you?ve tackled 50% of the post-party chaos, it?s time to clean each room. Don?t scatter yourself all over the place, because you might get easily overwhelmed. Instead, adopt a system and clean your home, room by room. Your goal is to be as effective as possible and put your place back to its original setup. If you had to rearrange your furniture to create more space, do this after you cleaned, mopped and disinfected all the surfaces. 

Deal with the dishes as soon as possible

Dishwashers are one of the greatest inventions of our time. You just have to collect all the dishes, clean any leftovers and load them up. Of course, the key here is to do this immediately after the guests are gone so you?ll eliminate any odours or crusty dishes in the morning. Even if you?re running low on energy, invest your last atoms of energy and remind yourself you?ll make the right choice. Additionally, look at every corner and every nook, because you?ll be surprised where people will leave a glass or a plate (look even under your bed). Please notice that cleaning involves using various chemicals. So, keep in mind to use protective materials such as gloves and a facemask. If you are sensitive to chemicals, do some online searches and find alternatives to chemicals before embarking on cleaning your home.?

In conclusion – Just keep your calm

Chaos, mess and the feeling that it will take you ages to clean your apartment are normal, but it?s just a feeling. We can easily lose are calm when we feel overwhelmed, so remember our five tips and approach it with a system in mind.

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