Five Tips to Choose the Right Type of Taps


Are you looking to choose the right tap for your bathroom? If yes, then it is essential to select the one that will last a long time. Whenever you buy bathroom taps, consider bristan colonial basin taps that are durable and robust, with smooth handling to easily adjust water and temperature flow.

Today, modern technology has led to the development of taps that can be operated easily and remotely while doing other tasks. Some taps can save water and energy, and some are provided water purifying functions too. There are different points to consider when choosing the right tap, such as category, installation and additional functions. The tap is an essential element of the bathroom, but with a thousand different styles, designs and prices, how can you choose the right one for your bathroom? Following are some crucial details for you: considerations that are often overlooked when selecting this actual item for the bathroom. 

Check out the classification of taps: 

Before you set out to buy any?bristan colonial basin taps, you need to understand how they are classified. The main types of taps available in the market, which might differ by types, such as push-button shower valve diverter, flow control aerator, screen aerator, pressure balancing shower valves, and swivel spray. It is up to your consideration; whether you want a design with clean lines, or an ornate one. Know the kinds of taps which you can install.

Should I choose the type of tap according to the bathroom style or the bathroom style according to the kind of tap that I want? The crucial thing is to either choose something in tune with the other fittings in the bathroom or represent a total break or contrast with them. In such cases, the attempt to find a compromise solution usually does not work.  

Check water flow: 

If you want to obtain a strong flow of water from your taps, the water pressure needs to be sufficient. Check this factor before opting for any particular tap, or have it measured by your plumber. Mixers and wall-mounted taps need a good deal more water pressure than two separate taps mounted directly on the washbasin.?

The centre set tap has two handles on either side of the spout. It can be used for the kitchen sink, washbasin and shower in the bathroom. Depending on where you intend to use it, you could choose from the long-nosed bibcock, the double-handed two-way bibcock and the sink mixer. Remember, the water flow pressure should also guide your choice as a low-pressure tap will not be affected by high pressure, but a high-pressure tap won’t work correctly if the water flow is slow. 

Know your budget: 

You can easily give your bathroom a classic look without having a lot of taps. Today, taps are available in various styles and shapes and at an affordable price to suit any budget. Choose the taps that are stylish, durable, and functional and compliment the theme of your bathroom.

Check finishes: 

Chrome gives a timeless finish which has been the most popular choice of tap for years. Brass or gold is great for achieving an old-world effect in traditional or heritage-style bathrooms. Coated finishes: Brushed metallic such as nickel, gunmetal and rose gold and matt black has rapidly gained popularity in recent years.  

Your tap’s finish is of great importance, and it may consist of coloured chrome or lacquer, either polished to a brilliant satin-brushed. Make sure that chrome plating is sufficiently thick and that the highest quality materials have been used. When you clean your taps, you should never use aggressive detergents that can ruin the chrome finish.  

Size and height of the outlet: 

This point may seem obvious, but taps are available in a variety of sizes and shapes nowadays. The bathroom size also plays a crucial role when deciding the size of a tap for your bathroom. Shopping around to get a perfect size will help you decide which will suit your bathroom renovation. Before you buy, be sure to check whether or not the taps perfectly fit the bathtub and washbasin.

You might want to opt for curved lines rather than sharp angular ones if young children will be using the tap to prevent injuries, and this is especially important in the bath where children can bump their heads.  


Now you can see the above-mentioned points to guide you in choosing your tap; you can give free rein to your imagination. The tap’s looks will be determined by its finish. You can choose from chrome, gold, and nickel finish. Its cost will depend on the material the tap is made of, and its finish. 

Selecting the perfect tap for your bathroom is often trickier than you usually think. Whether it is for the shower, bath or washbasin, there are tons of different bathroom taps to choose the best from. 

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