Fitness Goals For Women

Strength Training For Women:

Strength training has become increasingly popular among women in recent years. A positive development, because training with weights has many advantages! However, despite that increased popularity, you still read a lot of nonsense about strength training for women.

In this blog, we, therefore, list all essential information about recommended fitness motivation for females

Why strength training for women?

To begin with: why would you prefer strength training over your trusted cardio workout? Exercising with weights has several benefits that cardio does not have:

You build more muscle tissue. As a result, you burn more calories, lose weight.

Your bones are getting stronger. Strength training prevents or reduces bone loss, which certainly affects women at a later age.

Strength training is fun and varied. At least a lot more than an hour on a treadmill …

You will gain more confidence. Not only do you gain strength from those weights, but you will also feel stronger soon!

Also, strength training has all the common benefits of sport. It makes you happier and more energetic, you burn calories with it and you reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

1. You become too muscular from strength training

Fear number one among women: that they become a kind of hulk once they dive into the gym. Understandable, but unnecessary! To get such a figure you need two things: a lot of training and the right hormones.

And those hormones make the difference: testosterone, in particular, is essential for muscle growth. And it is exactly this hormone that women produce much less than men. You, therefore, develop muscles less quickly, and you never get that big. And if it gets too crazy for you, you can always slow down.

2. Strength training makes you gain weight

If you are just at the target weight, you need to do strength training. Doesn’t that make you heavier? That’s right, but beware: one kilo is not the other!

A kilogram of muscle takes up much less space than a kilogram of fat. So if you lose fat and build muscle, you can become leaner and heavier at the same time. Well, your scale does indeed indicate a higher number – but does that matter if you look good in the meantime?

3. Women should train lighter

A common myth: women have to train lighter than men. The explanations range from ‘over muscular’ to ‘women don’t like strength training’. You better ignore both arguments. With relatively heavy (but controlled) training you simply achieve the best result.

4. Abdominal muscle quarter against belly fat

Many women who start strength training only train their problem zones. The abdominal quarter is especially popular: they hope to burn their excess belly fat. Sounds nice, but the problem is that burning fat locally is not possible at all!

So if you want to see results, you better train all over your body. Yes, also for your belly! This way you burn the most calories in total. And with that, you can lose maximum fat, part of which indeed comes from your belly.

Tips for strength training

If you want to get serious with strength training, then you really can’t get out of the serious dumbbells and barbells. Now that can be a bit of a barrier for a novice athlete. A few short tips to get you started:

1. Don’t feel intimidated!

Strength training for women is becoming increasingly popular, but usually, the gym is mainly full of wide men. That can be quite intimidating at first. However, remember that they too just started at the beginning! As long as you get to work seriously, you are in the right place.

If you know people who regularly do strength sports, you can also start training together at the beginning. This way you have a buddy to work with and you don’t have to get used to everything on your own.

2. Get started at home

Would you like to prepare something without an audience? You can also do strength training at home! That can be a good way to master some basic exercises. You will find here some tips to train at home.

3. Form overweight

Sometimes you see that people are so eager to gain that heavyweight that they start to smuggle their shape. You don’t help yourself with that. So make sure you have your technique in order first, for example with online instructional videos. And don’t worry too much if that means that you can lift little weight at first!

4. Provide good equipment

Pleasant sportswear is, of course, a must when you go to the gym. But other tools – from a towel to good sports shoes – are also essential. Again, the following applies: good preparation saves a lot of uncertainty on the spot.

All in all, strength training is almost common for both men and women. With good preparation and hard work, you can grow that dream body. And you don’t need that eternal treadmill for that!

Food and Motion:

Food and Motion help the 30-40-50 and 60-year-olds who are fed up with the current health care, to live a healthy, fit and fun life.

You can take up a combination of personal training, group training, company fitness, dietetics, lifestyle coaching, business coaching, and sports massage. 

No boring equipment and doing the same for months, but always challenging, fun and targeted training with free weights and body weight.

You can also go to a private sports club and get trained with one-minded 30-40-50-60 people who want to become slimmer, fitter, stronger and complaint-free without hassle. There are also trustworthy coaches. You will therefore not find any difficulty in getting fit. You will be guided by representative (experience) experts in the field of physical transformations.

Are you ready for a new body? So take it as a challenge and get your body trained and get the perfect body shape with a healthy lifestyle.

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