Financial Tips for Saving Money and Building Your Savings

In today’s troubled economic times it is always a good idea to save some money for a rainy day. Once the money is saved it is a good idea to continue to grow those savings. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this goal including investing, saving some money from each paycheck, and an idea that is growing in popularity is cashback programs other similar programs that are growing in popularity are rebate programs and investment apps that claim to invest your spare change. Any way that you decide to save money is a good one as it can only help you in the long run as it will lead to better financial security for you and your family.

Cashback programs

Cashback programs are growing in popularity, essentially is what they do is reward you for each dollar that you spend. Essentially the more you spend the more cash you get back. The idea is to reward customers for their continued business and to provide an incentive to use the company’s services. Cashback programs are run by a wide variety of sources including many credit card companies, such as Capital One, Chase, and American Express. Other programs are run by secondary sites that reward you for shopping through their websites, one of these types of sites is rebate sites.

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Rebate Sites

If you are looking for extra savings you can try using discount codes, rebate codes, or cashback options. If you’ve never used a rebate site, the difference is that cash-back programs offer a set or variable amount of cashback upon purchase or types of purchases, Rebate sites instead offer a rebate which is money that is given from the manufacturer to the consumer as an incentive for buying the product.

These rebates can result in much greater savings on a product when compared to a simple cashback program however the amount can vary and is dependent on the product as opposed to getting money back on every single purchase. Rebate Key is an example of one of these rebate sites. It gives amazon cashback for purchases from Amazon, the site works by giving exclusive manufacturer’s discounts to hard-working consumers.

Growing Savings

Once you have obtained your rebate there are multiple options as for what to do with the money. One of the most common choices is to take it and place it in a savings account. Other common options include using it to pay off credit card debt and investing it. For the most part, cashback programs do not offer a large amount of cash in return, but it is possible to invest small amounts of money with apps such as Acorn, Stash, and Robin Hood. These apps allow you to invest in companies that allow you to then grow your money even further.

Investing does have some risk as it is possible to lose the money that has been invested. A savings account will not lose money, but it will grow at a much slower rate, diversification is the answer as to how to grow savings in the most efficient and with the least amount of risk possible. Save some money in a savings account or a CD account and invest some more money in the stock market in a variety of stocks and mutual funds.

Open a Savings Account

Cashback programs and rebate programs are a great way to save some extra money and can lead to better financial health. However, what is possibly the easiest way to save money and grow your savings is to invest as well as to place money into a savings account. These programs are easy to use and are easy to sign up for and sometimes can also offer other benefits as well. Another good tip to save money or at least earn some money on the side is to buy products at a discount and then resell them online for a profit.

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