Finance Officer Duties, Salary, Qualifications, and Responsibilities

Finance Officer

Want to know what a finance officer is? Read the article below which includes the duties, responsibilities, salaries, etc. of the officers of the fund

Perhaps many still don?t know or don?t know about funding officer jobs. Companies employed in finance or banking often have finance officers.

A financial officer is like a salesman in general. However, what makes them different is that they take steps to get funding from customers.

The role of a finance officer in general is to collect money from customers. Whereas savings or investments.

Finance Officer

  • Customers are looking to save their money or to save in the bank, or to sell products from the bank. These products include savings, current accounts and time deposits.
  • Promote, introduce and market bank products to expand banking relationships.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Finance Officer

Becoming a fundraiser is a job that is easy – easy and difficult. The reason for this is to find customers who want to buy their own products from the bank.


  • Promote and market bank products in the form of savings, current accounts and time deposits.
  • Open a new savings account or acquisition.
  • Maintain good relationships with customers to keep in the bank or invest.
  • Find customers and invite them.
  • Supervise and supervise sold bank products.
  • Follow all products purchased by customers.
  • Report all kinds of activities and programs
  • Finish the extra work assigned to senior officers.
  • Provide a regular and good approach so that customers are generous.


  • Reporting customer deposit and savings analysis.
  • Report the development of a portfolio of third party funds or bank clients.
  • The company is responsible for achieving the set goals in the form of savings, current accounts and time deposits.
  • Maintain a good relationship with customers.
  • Provide the best service to customers.
  • Ensuring the company achieves its goals.
  • Create a DASR report.

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A funding officer doesn?t differentiate too much from sales. Their company needs to sell products with a set goal orientation.

Finance Officer Salary and Benefits

The salary received by each finance officer varies according to the policy of the company. Moreover, the UMK of a region can also determine the amount of income.

The average monthly salary earned by a fund officer is INR 27,950. Bonus and other expenses separately.

Banking companies also have a separate salary for each financing officer. For example, SBI pays a salary of Rs 39,950 per month to the financing officer.

General requirements to be a Finance officer

The requirements prepared for applicants usually vary from company to company. As default value.

For example, the general requirements often used by companies for hiring employees are as follows.

Education and experience

  • The maximum age is 30 years.
  • Minimum education is bachelor?s degree in a field, such as finance, business administration, or accounting.  
  • Take high motivation and work initiative.
  • It has a wide network
  • Has good communication and interpersonal skills.

The above general requirements must be met before applying to become a Fund Officer.

Skills and abilities

In order to perform any task, a finance officer must have the skills or abilities to support and assist the functionality of the fund officer.

The skills or qualifications of a fund officer should be as follows:

  • Has the ability to market a product.
  • Have a good communication.
  • Able to insert and invent interesting.
  • Good analytical and interpersonal skills.
  • Understand and master computers, smartphones and the internet.
  • Has communication and inspirational skills.
  • Good time management skills.
  • Skilled and a good personal approach.

Grade or diploma is not only required to be a fund officer. But skills and abilities are also very important.

To support and uphold their work and duties. In addition, it aims to support the achievement of the goals set by the organization.

Being a Finance Officer is an important position of any banking institution or fund provider. This is because it is the duty of the fund authority to recruit and withdraw funds from customers.

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