What are the Important Features of a Food Delivery App solution like UberEats

UberEats Clone

Currently, with the whole globe standing united in battling against the menace of the COVID-19 pandemic, everybody wants speedy and convenient delivery of essential products to their doorsteps. Food products feature at the top of the list of essentials. Thus, on-demand food delivery apps like Doordash, UberEats and GrubHub satisfy people’s wishes to get delicious food safely delivered from their favourite eateries without any problems. Everything is available at the fingertips of people where the smartphone and the food delivery app solution are the only requirements.

UberEats Clone

You might be all set on developing starting your food delivery business similar to UberEats after researching how profitable this business sector actually is. However, before contemplating developing your UberEats clone solution, you must also research some important factors that will throw a great deal of enlightenment on the top features that must be integrated with your mobile app solution. And that is exactly what this article will explain to you, thereby saving you time and effort.

The needed features to optimize the popularity of your Food Delivery App solution.

1. Following all the market trends

The food delivery industry is gaining great momentum with each day’s passage, and your app solution must also keep pace along with it if it wants to survive. Thereby, as a businessperson, you must be in sync with the current trends and the customers’ ever-varying requirements. To enhance your app solution’s speciality, there should be many creative and revolutionary features, including social media and virtual assistants, which optimizes the overall experience.

2. The power of social media

People are highly dependent on social media for a lot of online activities that include order placements. It will be amazing if the food delivery app solution acts as the platform to place and receive orders via social media accounts. This will highly increase the user engagement and give you the advantage over other such competitors in the market.

3. AI-enhanced virtual assistant

People are now adapting to a futuristic way of life to order food items by uttering a single word to take care of everything. One prominent food delivery app has integrated Amazon’s Alexa to help people reorder their previous orders once more. It can also be used in telling the ETA for the order. You can also feature this in your food delivery solution.

4. Research your rivals in the market

Research also includes extensive analysis of your competitor’s food delivery apps and how they carry out all the branding activities. This info will help make your app all-powerful as you can eliminate the disadvantages and weaknesses of your rivals’ food delivery solutions through your UberEats clone app solution.

Next comes the model for the food delivery business. You can opt for the Order and Delivery Model where the mobile app development company you are hiring will split up the features in three panels: User Panel, Admin Panel and Delivery Personnel Panel.

Listed below are the important features of every food delivery app solution-

  • Signup and Sign in: People can easily register for the food delivery app solution of yours via their existing social media login credentials that automatically takes care of all the other work related to registration. Everything is completed in an instant.
  • Smart Search: Implementing many advanced filters when searching for a food dish or restaurant is important as it will help make the search operation much easier and engaging.
  • Order Placement / Checkout: This will help the customers place orders through the digital cart and make payments for the services via online modes, explained in the next point.
  • Payment Gateways: Payments can be made digitally using credit cards, debit cards, eWallets and Net Banking where the transactions are instantaneous and safe.
  • Enthralling customized notifications: As an entrepreneur, you can update the user base with timely offers, discounts and other types of promotional offers through the application.
  • Order Tracking: As the most important feature in your food delivery app, the users can track the orders in real-time and get to know the ETA.
  • Ratings and reviews: With this feature, the app users can share their feedback about the food and the services. With that information, the existing user base?s confidence is enhanced, increasing user retention and adding more new customers to your user base.


The secret behind doing your food delivery business to be that successful involves an app solution that is feature-rich and one that offers the best performance. People love to make orders via online means and the food delivery app solutions are the apt platform for the same. With that in mind, we have detailed all the important aspects that are needed to make your food delivery app solution popular and in high demand. Rest assured your sales, brand loyalty and other services are bound to increase in a short span of time.

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We have the expertise in developing UberEats clone apps for many clients, and we know how important it is to prioritize the safety of our customers, delivery team and every other person involved in the business.

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