10 Features of Cloud Storage Sites You Didn’t Know About

Cloud Storage

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is an online place that is being provided by a company that owns physical servers to which you can upload your files and data and access it whenever you want. 

Features of cloud storage

As we now know the basic definition of cloud storage, we now shall look at some unique feature that it provides its users.

1. File synchronisation-

This feature is very useful if you are someone who has to work on many devices for the same work. This feature means that you can access the files from one device onto the other. Suppose you download some file using the mega downloader onto your laptop, you can directly open them on your laptop. This can come in handy as you don?t have to constantly worry about checking your other device or copying files which may take up much time, and we all know ?time is money.? This feature is unique as it is something not many people know about, and even if they know about it, they can?t utilise it properly ? you can use this to bring your office work to your home, you can store any type of file on the cloud audio-video, document, e.t.c. It?s such an amazing feature, and if used correctly, you can save yourself a lot of time and extra work.

2. File Archiving ?

Have you ever regretted deleting a file that you needed at a later point in time, and now it?s gone? It can even be recovered that?s where this feature of cloud service comes into play, the files saved on the cloud are archived, which means no matter how long it has been or if you deleted that file and then later need t for some users because of this amazing feature of file archiving the cloud saves a copy of every file, so you don?t have to worry about accidentally deleting something important and not being able to restore it? File archiving preserves older versions so that, if needed, they can be accessed. Regardless of the number of previous versions, file archiving will keep a copy of each.

3. Backup –

This feature provided by cloud storage is very useful as this can really be of great use and help you in many cases of uncertainties.

The backup feature helps you recover any file if any loss or damage to your drive or your phone. You can just open your cloud account into another device and access your data there. The only condition here is that you should have backed up your data before the damage.

4. Multiple users-

Cloud storage gives a feature for multiple users to have access to the same file and edit and correct its contents. You can give access to your file to any other person. The person with authority can access the contents of the drive and make changes or overlook and check your work or anything else similar this comes very handy when you want to share your data with another person without having to transfer it somewhere else. The other person can only make changes if you allow him to edit .so this is a very useful and unique feature of the cloud.

5. Automation ?

Cloud storage works like a hard disk on your system, and if you want to store any file in the cloud, it will not temper any ongoing task. There may be more than one user using a cloud storage service, and the current responsibility of one user would not affect the task of another since it is all is managed and automated by the cloud vendor.

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