Major factors to consider MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

mbbs in kyrgyzstan

About MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

As MBBS is still a dream for many aspirants who are interested in the field of medicine. The education council of Kyrgyzstan is focused on the well-being of the students. It includes facilities such as quality education, recognised courses and experienced faculties. It also enhances a chance for the students to get into the various medical fields such as dentistry, nursing, paediatrics and many other specializations. The education council also focuses on the low cost of living and low-cost tuition fees for the students. Low-cost living can be a strong factor so that students can pursue their dream education with less burden on the guardian’s shoulders.

As one of the main institutes namely Kyrgyz State Medical University focuses on the well-being of the students. This plays an important role in the student’s welfare. As students can experience a new culture and get more knowledge about diversity. As being one of the most preferred education hubs for students, students can experience cross-cultural effects themselves. 

As being major expertise in the medical field Kyrgyzstan is best suited to Indian students by the climate and temperature. And language will also not be a major problem for the students in MBBS Abroad, because the council makes a point in mind to teach the students in the English language. The major factors have been elaborated on below.


Quality education –

The education quality is quite beneficial for students from every part of the World. It includes modern machines and practical learning for the students. The practical learning is focused on clinical facilities, laboratory experience and the internship training of 1 year. 

Recognition –

The recognition of courses had been given by the major educational groups such as WHO(World Health Organization), NMC(National Medical Commission) and FAIMER(Foundation for Advancement in International Medical and Educational Research). It is also accredited by the European Hospitals.

Duration –

The duration of the course is nearly 5 years with 1 year of internship. It also has 10 semesters and the internship treats normal citizens as patients for the training of the students.

Low-cost tuition and living –

The low-cost tuition fees put less burden on the shoulders of the guardians. Best public universities such as Kyrgyzstan State Medical Academy have many scholarships for students who are eligible for them. Kyrgyzstan also has low living and accommodation costs which will help the students to stay there.

Experienced faculty –

The faculty are quite experienced according to the medical study of the students. They teach in-depth knowledge to the students, as the students can gain full knowledge. 

Documents Required for MBBS Abroad

Some of the mentioned documents required for the MBBS Abroad in the university Kyrgyz State Medical Academy are – 

  • NEET Scorecard
  • 12th Transcripts
  • 10th Transcripts
  • Payment Proof
  • Medical Report
  • 2 passport sized photograph
  • Original Passport Copy

Hostel Living Features

Some of the hostel living features in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy include – 

Basic Accommodation –

The basic accommodation provided to the students is quite preferable to the applicants. It includes AC Rooms, sanitized environment, availability of Indian foods and much more. It hence gives us a major benefit living there peacefully.

Security –

The security is quite good for the students who are interested in living there. It includes majorly CCTV Surveillance, Security Guards with rules and regulations which makes the living secure.

It also includes a gymnasium, sports field and also a swimming pool for the students. 

Some universities in Kyrgyzstan

Some of the mentioned universities have wonderful facilities, good quality education and low-cost tuition fees.

  • Asian Medical Institute
  • Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
  • International School of Medicine
  • Jalal Abad State Medical University
  • Osh State University

More about Kyrgyz State Medical University

This university was established in 1939 and is located in the city of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. As it was built at the time of the Second World War, it presents a great historic significance. Kyrgyz State Medical Academy fees for MBBS are $4,500 per year for 5 years. The accommodation is $600 per year which is applied per year for 5 years and other charges include a cost of $1900 with a total cost of $20,400 for 5 years.


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