Five best face yoga exercises to Reduce Eye Bags

Puffiness under the eyes is also known as eye bags. Aging is the first factor considered as the reason for eyes stiffness. It is not only the age, but we spent a lot of time using gadgets this could also increase the chances of swollen eyes. If you face an issue other than using the devices, you must seek medical assistance such as eyes surgery or other treatments, but if you are not ready to spend money for the same, you must include some Face Yoga for Eye Bags in your daily routine. If you follow some tips regularly, you will get rid of puffiness, and it will be supportive of marking fresh and more youthful skin.

Causes of eyes bags under eyes

Harmful ultraviolet rays

Long-term exposure to sunlight is harmful with the presence of ultraviolet rays. These rays can pass through the cornea and retina, which can result in significant eye health problems.

Increased salt intake

High usage of salt can be formed in your eye�s cataract and causes the risk of blood pressure, and can produce serious eye diseases.

Rubbing eyes hardly

Hardly rubbing of the eye may damage the lens or cornea of your eyes. This could result in an eye infection or vision impairment.

Allergies and sinus infection

Allergies and sinus infections occurred when there is congestion under small veins of the eyes. The swollen veins can cause puffiness, dark circles.

Wrong sleeping pattern

Lackness of sleep may increase the chances of itchy and dryness in the eyes. It may produce fewer tears and cause infection.

Today several platforms provide the best face yoga. They offer you the way to do face yoga, the duration of face yoga, and how much time you need to take a yoga class.

Here are some face yoga exercises which are helpful in the reduction of eye bags: 

Chakrasana or Wheel pose

Chakrasana is a basic level of ashtanga yoga assumed to makes the shape of a wheel. To perform this yoga, you have to lift your body off the floor and balance it on your four limbs and head hanging downwards. Keep on the same pose for 1 to 5 minutes.

Halasana or plow pose

Halasana is compared to the plow which was found by Sita in a casket when her foster father plows a piece of land in Ramayana. Place your feet beyond your head, and your toes are just touching the ground. Bring back your arms to the rest position and hold your body in the same place for 30 to 60 seconds.

 SalambaSarvangasana or shoulder stand

SalambaSarvangasana can be well described as the whole weight of the body is on the shoulders. Provide support to your back using your hands. Bear the weight of your body on the shoulders and keep your legs straight and upper arms. Remain in the same position for 30 to 60 seconds.

SalambaSirsasana or headstand

Sirsasana is the king among all exercises. It is similar to Sarvangasana. The only difference is that the whole body weight will be on the head in place of shoulders and place your palm in the crown of your head and form a 90 degree angle with the ground.

Paschimottanasana or seated forward bend

It is an easy asana to start yoga. Keep your head beyond your knees and press your chest against your thighs to perform Paschimottanasana. Then Stretch your arms towards your feet and hook your feet with your hands. Hold the posture for 30 to 60 seconds.

Before doing these yoga practices, make sure that you are doing it on an empty stomach or doing yoga after 5 to 6 hours of your meal.

How does yoga help to reduce inflamed eyes?  

Yoga exercise can solve all health problems. Even it helps fix your eye-related difficulties. When you perform face yoga, the pressure applies to your head, allowing fresh blood to circulate to eliminate inflammation under the eyes.

Here are some tips you can regularly follow for radiant eyes:

Take proper sleep

Try to keep the same routine for sound sleep. If you follow the correct sleeping pattern, you will feel fresh for the whole day. Use good quality pillowcases to avoid skin pulling.

Shower with fresh water                    

Morning shower helps to make you refresh and reduce the puffiness. When your body is heated up in the morning, water helps to throw out the toxins from your body. These benefits you can�t gain from a night shower.

Treatment of allergies

Suppose you are facing any eye-related health issues, including allergies or infection. See a doctor who controls your diseases.

Take a cold eye message. 

The cold compressor on the eye is the best therapy to relax your eyes and get rid of swelling under the eyes. Using cold compresses is also helpful in preventing the fluid of the eyes.

Focus your eyes on one thing

Focus on one thing, such as concentrate on the nob of the pen, is an excellent exercise to practice regularly. It helps in boosting blood circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system.

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