What Are The Best Type Of Hair Extensions? – Glue In, Sew In or Clip In?

    Hair Extensions

    Not sure what to go for? That?s absolutely fine! It?s the reason why we?re here.

    Whether you?re looking to purchase or just trying to feed your curiosity, in this article we go directly to the pros and cons of each of these three types of Hair Extensions, with additional info on how long they all averagely last since someone?s pro might be another?s con when it comes to the issue of lifespan.

    Glue in Hair Extensions

    Pros: Less expensive than other hair extensions types and ideal for either short, medium or long-term use if managed properly. 

    Cons: Some of the glue which wasn?t applied properly can get stuck in hair while taking off and can damage it. In most cases, soft natural hair strands easily get pulled out due to the glue being applied wrongly initially or the hair extensions being taken out wrongly.

    How long they can last: These last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks on average, with proper care 

    Sew-In Hair Extensions

    Ideal for any type of hair, sew-in hair extensions are what you might know as ?weave?

    It is a more permanent type of hair extension method where the wefts are sewn into the ?base? which is usually braids or cornrows with the help of a needle and thread. 

    Pros: No heat is required for this type of hair extension installation, slipping hardly occurs and it is usually a good option for people with thick or coarse hair. 

    Cons: One of the main disadvantages of sew in hair extensions would be uneasiness and itchy scalp due to tight braids and the sewing. This mostly leads to a stiff head and sometimes headache. There?s also the issue of limited options with hairstyles and long number of hours it takes to complete the application.

    How long they can last: Maximum of 8 weeks 

    Clip-in Hair Extensions

    If you?re someone who?s constantly switching up their hairstyle, clip in hair extensions might be the perfect option for you.

    Pros: These are probably the easiest hair extensions to DIY since you don?t need any professional help most of the time to get them on and off your head. 

    Clip In Hair Extensions can be worn daily without much hassle or difficulty because they are versatile and come in handy just like wigs.

    Cons: Clips clipped to the same area of the hair for a long time could lead to hair loss. Also, clip-in hair extensions are not ideal for thin fine hair because the clips on the wefts can be too bulky and heavy, leading to discomfort. It might also be difficult to conceal the appearance of the clips in some cases.

    How long they can last: Since you?ll mostly not wear them all the time, on average, these can last up to a year with proper management 


    We hate to give you this clich? statement but at the end of the day, since we all have different fashion tastes, budgets, needs and of course, different natural hair types, it is always up to the individual to decide and form their conclusions. 

    Of course, if we really had to choose however, we would most likely let clip-ins carry the day!

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