Exploring the Hidden Features of iPhone ios 18

features ios 18

Apple’s iOS updates are generally closely planned for, and iOS 18 is no different. This latest version gives multiple new features and improvements that enrich the iPhone experience. While many of these changes are listed in the update notes.

There are a few surprises that you may not be aware of. In this article, we will look at some of the iPhone’s lesser-known features to help you get the most out of it.

Enhanced Customization Options

Here we have two of the options that can be used by iPhone 18 users. Let’s have a look:

  • Custom App Icons
  • Dynamic Wallpapers

Custom App Icons

It is now possible to personalize app icons without the use of any third-party software, which is a feature that has been demanded by a large number of people and is now available in iOS 18. Users can pick from a list of pre-made icons or directly upload their designs via the Settings menu.

This new feature was included in recent updates. Because of this feature, it is possible to construct a home screen that is both aesthetically pleasing and more customized according to the user’s preferences.

Dynamic Wallpapers

Moreover, Apple has launched dynamic wallpapers which are dynamic that change according to the time of day or the location of the user while they are using their device. By using these wallpapers, it can be set up to shift from a photo that is bright and sunny in the morning to an image that is calm and beautiful at night in the evening.

You can add a bit of vibrancy to the experience that you have with your iPhone.

Advanced Privacy Features

If we talk about the privacy features of iPhone 18 we have the following options:

  • Private Relay
  • Mail Protection

Private Relay

The goal of this brand-new privacy technology, which goes by the name Private Relay, is to hide your actions happening online from anybody who could be watching. This works by diverting your internet traffic via several several distinct servers, which makes it more difficult for websites and marketers to follow your activities while you are connected to the internet.

Apple’s constant commitment to protecting the privacy of its customers shows in this feature, which can be easily involved via the settings of the iCloud service.

Mail Protection

The Mail Privacy Protection feature is an update to iOS 18 that improves the privacy of email communications. This feature masks your IP address and minimizes senders from being able to tell when you open an email.

Therefore, it is very challenging for the senders to figure out the link between your email activity and other activities that you engage in online. For the reason of improving the privacy of email conversations, this is a simple but significant step.

Productivity Enhancements

It involves the following:

  • Focus Mode Enhancements
  • Quick Notes

Focus Mode Enhancements

Focus Mode, which first appeared in iOS 15, has been considerably enhanced. This update is brought about by iOS 18. Users now have a chance to establish unique Focus profiles that match certain tasks or at certain times during the day.

As an example, you could create a Work Focus that only allows notifications from work-related apps and contacts. On the other hand, you could create a Sleep Focus that mutes all notifications with the single exception of alarms and calls from emergency services.

Quick Notes

The Quick Notes function, which was first accessible on iPad, is now available on iPhones with iOS 18 installed. This makes it possible for users to swiftly jot down notes without having to launch the Notes app themselves.

Simply swiping from the bottom right corner of the screen will bring up a Quick Note, which will make it much simpler to record ideas and thoughts when you are on the go.

Multitasking is Enhanced

It includes a split view and improved app switcher features. Let’s understand them in detail:

Split View

Another feature that has been copied from the iPad to the iPhone is called Split View. It was launched in iOS 18. With the help of this ability, customers can simultaneously function two applications side by side.

The ability to react to emails while checking your schedule or browse the web while speaking with colleagues is an excellent representation of how well it works for multitasking.

Improved App Switcher

iOS 18 has a revamped App Switcher that performs more effectively than the previous version. Currently, it shows apps that have been used lately in an organized manner, which makes it simpler for people to move between various tasks.

Furthermore, you now have a chance to pin your preferred applications for easier access.

Accessibility Improvements

In this, we can see the enhanced assistive touch improvements and also the voice control updates. People with physical disabilities can navigate on their phones easily. You can make shortcuts by using this feature. Both features offer accuracy and greater independence to the users!

Other than these features iOS 18 has a couple more features:

  • Camera and Photo Improvements
  • Health and Wellness


Hidden features flourish in iOS 18 to enhance the user experience in general. More personal, safe, and effective than ever before, these features which range from sophisticated customizing choices to improved privacy settings ensure that your iPhone.

To maximize the potential of your iOS 18 upgrade and take your iPhone experience to new heights, discover and use these hidden treasures.


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